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I watch the rain come down/

I watch the water

hit the window

then it runs down to the ground/

I watch the rain come down.


I watch the rains come down/

I watch the flood

waters rising

till they wash away the town/

I watch the rains come down.


I watch the rains come down/

I watch the waters

break the banks

and the overflowing tanks/

I watch the rains come down.


I watch the rain come down/

I watch the tiny

bubbles rising

where the parking meters sank/

I watch the rain come down.


I watch the rains slow down/

I watch the moo-cows

on their islands

marooned like Robinson Crusoe/

I watch the rains slow down.


I watch the rains slow down/

I watch the trees

start emerging

from the river’s ebb & flow/

I watch the rains slow down.





The Reverend Hellfire was a practised performance Poet in the Before Time. He now holds court in his under-ground “Zombie Apocalypse Bunker”

The Last Poet not in Captivity.



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(A Poem for two voices {or more})


Every where I look

the Human Beast

is giving me the Shits

(you know!)

Destroying/ Tainting

Everything in sight

it really is the Pits

(so low!)

Seriously if I could

I would just

resign from the Human Race

(and blow!)

Yes I’d leave but

now they’ve left no

Other Place

(to go!)

Their Infestation covers

every corner

of the Globe

(Oh no!)

I wonder what the Fuck

goes on

inside their Frontal Lobe

(Don’t know!)



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Part 2


Yeah, lets face the Facts,

the Art of Economics

is more like Voodoo

than Science,

if you ask Me.

You see it all the time,

Shares down? Market shaky?

It’s time for the Shamans

to don their Ritual Regalia and launch

into the Traditional Song & Dance Routine

known as “Talking Up the Economy”

-a colourful native custom!

Perhaps it’s even time to Sacrifice a Banker

or two to “restore Business Confidence”

Whatever the hell that is).

Does a Bank collapse? A Recession loom?

Clearly Evil Forces are at work!

Economists & Treasury Officials

gather in Conclave

to perform Le Grande Ceremony, (Known

to it’s Heirophants as a Royal Commission)

their most powerful Ritual,

to exorcise the negative currents

and send “strong signals” to the Investor.

Chanting Arcane Liturgies,

& obscure kabbalistic formulae

in Forgotten Legal Languages,

they summon to appear before them


Hedge-fund Managers,

Casino Owners

and other shadowy creatures

from the Financial Underworld

to answer their probing Questions.

Uncooperative Demons are threatened

with Seals & Sigils of Terrible Power,

to break their Silence

and reveal their Hidden Knowledge.

Trapped in the glare of the Spotlight’s Power

the Demons sweat and hiss horribly

in their $900 suits,

writhing & twisting before the Cameras,

they speak in Tongues & Blasphemies.

These Theatrical Ceremonies are impressive,

for sure, but Futile & Foolish

as a Faith Healer’s fetish,

and any Knowledge they gain thereby

melts away in the daylight

like Leprechaun’s Gold

leaving all as it was before.

As Antonin Artaud once observed

of another savage cult’s Ceremonies;

Ultimately, any benefit accruing

from these Primitive Rituals

is purely coincidental

and arises largely as a result

of the Placebo Effect.


So remember, Money is like Magic;

it only works if you believe in it.



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Well there’s always a Fly in the Ointment!

There’s always a Grub in the Bud!

There’s always a Snake in the Garden

and there’s always a stick in the Mud!

(Yes there’s always a stick in the Mud!)


There’s always a Worm in the Apple

And a Joker in every Pack!

There’s always a Back-Seat Driver

and a Catch-Clause in every Contract!

(Yes a Catch-Clause in every Contract!)


There’s always a Dog in the Manger,

and a Critic in Every Crowd!

There’s always a Flaw that is Fatal

and a Thumb that is Sore

and sticks out!

(Oh a Thumb that is Sore

and sticks out!


And there’s nothing Straight Forward

or Simple,

When dealing with Dem-mock-cracy!

There’s always some Crackpot

holding things back but

Sometimes that Crackpot is Me!

And sometimes that Crackpot is You!

(Yes it’s True!)

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The Reverend Hellfire..

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(Part 1)


Don’t call it Falling,

as the Earth’s surface curves endlessly away

from beneath your feet as you drop.

Call it Flight instead, and try

to encourage the Suspension of Disbelief

amongst your Audience.

Perpetuate the Illusion

for long enough,

you can claim to be in Orbit.


The same Principle applies in Economics.

Many Business Empires in fact,

are founded on It’s application.

Just cross a Ponzi Scheme

with the Patent for a Perpetual

Motion Machine

and you’re in Business!

Just ignore the 2nd Law

of Thermodynamics!

In today’s exciting world

of Quantum Economics,

Down is just a Fluctuating Vector

and the Only Way

is Up

But a Spectre is haunting Capitalism,

lets call it Jevon’s Paradox,

the More they Have

the More they Need,

till All’s devoured,

the Algorithm of Greed.


(Here the Poem cuts to/ an

Apocalyptic Vision/

where packs of predatory Stock-brokers

prowl the wilds of Wall Street

searching for Victims to sell Short Stock to,

while the baking pavements crack & buckle

‘neath the searing rays of a blood red Sun..)




The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

etc, etc..


70; Cemetery Kangaroos

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You’ve not been there?

Imagine it, a small valley shaped like a bowl

with a creek running though the middle.

Once it was all thickly-wooded,

but now roads ribbon the slopes/ advancing housing estates

clamber over the crests like an invading horde,

the windows stare like blank eyes, watching

the battle/ turning the valley

into a gigantic ampitheatre.

Only the sacred precincts

of the Cemetary holds back

the relentless March of “Progress” for awhile..

Here on the last green fields

Mobs of Kangaroos

are grazing on the Graves

of the Dead,

Like gentle Gardeners

from some lost Eden

they trim the tidy lawns

fertilize them

with their rich droppings/

Bestow a benign Presence

as they lounge with Lordly dignity

beneath the shade of trees.

Limping slowly amongst his brides & progeny

a scarred old Alpha male surveys the scene

with Calm & Caution/ He ignores

the clumsy stumbling hops of the young Joeys

freshly emerged from their placid Mothers pouch/ His

senses alert to Rivals, Dogs, Threats

emerging from the long grass by the creek..

Meanwhile, like plucky, up & coming Interns

or promising assistants,

the Magpies & Pee-wees

hop & skip amongst the Mob,

performing minor gardening chores/

pecking at grasshoppers/ mitigating

the lawn-devouring caterpillar,

I can imagine them getting

an “Employee of the Month” Award

in recognition of their enthusiasim

& contributions

to the Organisation.

It’s a pleasant, pastoral scene,

but no doubt doomed to be destroyed

for sure as eggs some uptight, nature-hating

anal-retentive bastard

will complain about the kangaroos

& their public copulations

or their “untidy & unhygenic” droppings

desecrating their Loved Ones grave

and then that will be that,

won’t it?

The Mob will be moved on then,

I suppose, or shot,

like at that Golf Club

in Tasmania that culled the local Wild-Life

to preserve their pristine Greens. *


Chalk up another “Victory”

for “Progress”.






The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Born Free..

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Taking a stroll along

the Click-Bait Trail,

 just Scrolling aimlessly toward

the Apocalypse.

One get’s so blaise´/ End

of the World, you say?

Send me a Link.




The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

Secretary of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Remember; No News is Fake News.



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The Reverend Hellfire is on Holiday!

Back Next Week!




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The Seeds of Chaos

Lurk within us all.

Just add Water.

Now Watch..

Wait & See.

Like Buboes they Swell

& Suppurate in the Morning Sun.

Bursting forth like

ripe Pomegranates/ the Black Seed

spills upon the ground

in rich profusion.

Like Syphilis

the Sins of the Fathers

are passed on

to their unsuspecting Children.

There they may lie dormant

for many years,

lurking like Herpes

at the base of the spine,

waiting for a moment of Weakness

to erupt

in ugly, red Spasms.

Final Stage; The Crisis Comes!

Pink Pustules proud as Flags

in a Parade

& Bleeding like Jesus,

break out across the Body Politic.

Broad Spectrum Alliances

are quickly Formulated

to combat the Contagion,

as the Surgeon General advises;

We must Flush the Poison

from the System

with an Amphibious Assault

and make many Arrests!

Currently, however,

Treatment remains

Symptomatic, at best.


Expert Opinion is divided;

Is the Plague

really Contagious?

Or is it just

Habit Forming?




The Reverend Hellfire..

Just like Mom used to make.



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Chanting Incantations

(One of many Manifestations

Of the Politics of Grievance)

Came the Crowd.

Mob Howling Maledictions

(Indication; Social Frictions)

Those Good Old Boys were Armed

& Loud & Proud.

Though their Numbers were inflated

with their Self-Entitled Rage

The Truth was taken Hostage

and locked up in a Cage

Bound with Zip-Ties & with Lies,

as the Body Politic meanwhile

was Flag-draped for a torn

& bloody Shroud.

Though they broke & burnt the Cameras

that had made them what they were,

the whole Event was filmed

because they made sure there were more!

Still their Actions by their Lawyers

will soon in Court be Disavowed.

Then no longer Storm -Clad Troopers,

or Soldiers for the Cause.

They are merely Naive Victims,

Respectful of the Laws.

Could you pick them

from a Line-Up,

or a Crowd?




The Reverend Hellfire..

still here.