Our Future choices are Few, My Friends,

 its be Domesticated, Endangered or Feral.

Politicians bellow “Populate or Perish”

its the same old nightmare peril,

&  too often endangered’s too soon extinct,

a stuffed skin in a museum.

AS for Old Dull & Dumbed down Domesticity,

You ask me, if tomorrow belongs to the sheep

then you’d better develop a taste for Rounduptm

No my Friends, if you want to stay Free

then head for the Edge

Because its true, you see,

The Future belongs to the Feral.


O this is the modern disease,

We can’t see the wood for the trees

& We can’t see the trees for the Papermill,

Yes this is the Modern Disease.

This is the modern schizophrenia

O Dr Darwin yes tell me please,

How does selective amnesia

Affect the Theory

of the Survival of the Fittest?

Oh surely this is the Age of the Individual

where even Evolutions  been internalised.

Forget about the species sprouting gills and fins

and crawling out of the sea.

Now Evolution’s a personal journey

thats best Undertaken by Celebrities

 with professional Lifestyle Trainers.

Its true. I read about it in those glossy magazines.

The ones that worship the likes of Tom Cruise, Scientology’s Chosen One!

(Oh Tom! Someone surely destined for a footnote in History

like Nero’s favorite fool,

maybe, or Montezuma’s dwarf.)



But this is The Modern Way

& I’m bombarded everyday

with a barrage of choices I don’t want to make

and an Avalanche of compulsory upgrades that leave me no choice.

As a Consumer, I’m constantly amazed

at how many products

I just don’t want to buy.

Really, just thinking about all the electronic trinkets,

accessories and general garbage for sale

in the supermarkets

makes me want to vomit my guts out.

But this is the modern world,

and I’m a modern guy,

so sodden and sullen and saturated

 I bravely  continue consuming,

just like the Prime Minister told me to.


But I worry about all the cultural jetsom

washed up in my brain,

I can remember TV jingles

from 25 years ago

but I can’t remember my pin number

(or my mobile, or my pass words, etc.)

Arggh! All those jingles

All those adds

adding up in my brain!

The banal celebrity chatter!

The catch-cries, the theme songs,

the logo’s, the sitcoms,

The Game shows, the cop shows,

the Tele- docu-dramas that tell me nothing!

The digital FM airwaves full of phantoms,

Bellowing & howling & shrieking!

A ghastly chorus of clowns & pigs & sheep!

O Lord make them all go away!

O Lord let me forget!

Or, failing that,

Give me an Atom Bomb.

Oh yes, a big Atom Bomb,

and I will clear the clutter for you Lord!

Yes I will wipe the human slate clean,

and fill with softly falling snow

the television screen.




The Lovable cartoon square & all his friends


~ by reverendhellfire on March 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “FACING A FERAL FUTURE”

  1. Yes, we are all individuals, but upgrading is not entirely optional.

  2. “The Future belongs to the Feral” ~ I love it! Great sermon I feel less holy and more whole! cheers Reverend!

  3. […] thought, that future choices for other species are limited to Endangered, Domesticated or Feral. ( https://reverendhellfire.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/facing-a-feral-future/ […]

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