Who was that masked yet revered gentleman?


Give up your RED and murderous rage..

I tell the mirror,

Give up your BLACK moods

of Despair.

Give up the bitter GREEN

of your Jealousy Obscene

Don’t bite that apple (know what I mean?)

Give up…give up,

Give up the Fools GOLD of ambition!

Those clouds of Glory in the air

are just


Trust, me Friends

I know where that shit ends.

Seek instead the SILVER slivers

of the silence of the night

like bright bangles of the Moon

she wears/ she weaves

Solitude like a charm,

Like some brooch burning brightly

In a young girls RAVEN hair.




The Loveable Cartoon Square!

SQUAREY: He’s just a regular guy.




~ by reverendhellfire on March 6, 2010.

One Response to “REDRUM!”

  1. Very nice website. put ladygaga stuff and\or squarey stuff maybe?
    From, Me wonderful Me

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