And so it came to pass

In our own Modern Times;

The Age when the Empire of the Eagle

ruled the earth,

that sophistication in the cities

reached new heights

And matrons of the Cult of Fashion

Worshipping at the Altar of Eternal Youth’

Gave demonstration of their devotion

with the keenest demonstration,

For they would with silver scalpels gleaming

slice the breasts from their chests,

Yes surrendered in self-sacrifice

To the Bitch Virgin Goddess of Youth. 


  See the surgeon priests advance

with their bloody knives

keen to carve youth’s slim form

from their pliant clients patient thighs

hips & ribs. In Beauty’s name

are cheeks and noses broken, eyes bloodied.

Legs lengthened, skin bleached, silicon embedded,

(Later in the wards the martyrs

proudly show the wounds for which they paid,

Such masochism desires to be

triumphantly displayed.)


Now madly hissing many mouthed machines advance

like hungry snakes on a gorgons head.

The eager plastic tubing sucking

Fat from the flesh,

Tar from the lungs,

Cholesterol from the veins.

(Extract the extraneous and


see how little there remains.)

  But now the shaman surgeons brew

strange herbal stews

of loathely toxins that produce

a paralysis creeping that fixes the face

so that it be set forever smooth

in a time-less statue smile

of ageless Youth.


Proudly now the crones advance

like Deaths own consort come to the dance.

False-face forward, like an overstretched hide,

Blond, Titian or Raven their hair is dyed,

And so firmly then

is falsity fixed in the end,

that it is only the eyes

that do not lie.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 18, 2010.

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