The Sea is Full of Monsters




The Sea is full of Monsters

who have never heard of poetry

though heroic verse resounds in fact

with references to them.

They provide a convenient antagonist

for every adolescent argonaut or two-bit Beowulf

to build their bloody reputation on.

Leviathan and Kraken both

their numbers are sadly depleted,

entered on the Endangered list,

And soon to be deleted.

 Yes from Scylla’s point of view

Heroism’s just another fishing story,

you know, like the one-that-got-away.

And as for all those ferocious, fire-breathing dragons?

Harmless lizards every one hunted to extinction,

by trophy-hunting, testosterone fuelled, medieval rich boys,

who like to kill for fun

and called it sport.

Their inbred descendants devolved today

to blowing horns & bothering foxes.


The Sea is full of monsters

who have never seen a Cadillac

yet many there amongst them believes

that such a thing exists.

And like ink in swirling water, rumour spreading darkly

speaks of alien probes and hooks,

and mysterious abductions

and weird lights in the sky.


Opinion as to their future remains divided;

it is uncertain if Global Warming

will drive old myths and legends

to surface once and for all,

or drive them forever deeper from the public domain.

Poor monsters. One thing is for certain,

we will create new monsters to replace them,

more terrible by far,

who will not know their place

and will devour the human race.






~ by reverendhellfire on April 25, 2010.

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