CUT YOUR OWN HEART-Election Review




Time to end the silly game

Time to end the charade

its late afternoon

and taking my blade

I cut my heart

cut my heart



I stand on the corner

and cut my heart through.

Stabbing & stabbing,

I cut my limbs too,

pain but no blood, wounds..

but no death.


People rush by me concerned with their health,

I lie there weak, calling,

nobody will help.

I try to apologise,

Nobody cares.

I try to explain,

the crowd blankly stares..


I lie there all afternoon

naked and cold.

Those People come up to me,

Put my fur coat on me,

Bandage my wounds

Comfort my words,

Make me a star

Take ten percent

And still they didn’t help me

and still they only helped themselves.

You fools.

You try it

cut your own heart.


*I had this dream when I was 14 and wrote it down the next day. Time passed and I lost the poem but it turned up in a poetry magazine in the nineties .When I contacted the editor to ask how she came to have it, she told me she had found it years ago on a wall in an abandoned squat in Melbourne and decided to collect it for future use. Thus many thanks to Bernadette leGoullon & “Instead of A Fish

for resurrecting this poem.






Election fever has Australia in its grip, and like all fevers, there are long periods of dizziness, malaise, and projectile vomiting. But this is only Natures Way! Every three years or so the Australian Body Politic attempts to purge itself of all the socio-psychic toxins and crap that have built up in the System. Sometimes, like the last election, so much shit has accumulated over the years that the Australian electorate has no option but to administer a powerful emetic, causing a mighty discharge of hacks & timeservers.

Alas, no purge ever completely clears the system, and of course the poisons begin accumulating again almost immediately. This is why we always have to go back and do it again.

So now there are many voices crying in the wilderness, hawking their wares.

Glancing through the electoral material clogging my letter box like the tar in my lungs,

I find that the Socialist Alliance has a swag of policies I agree with in broad principal. One thing putting me off casting my vote that way is that, as always, fat Sam Watson is leading the ticket.

While its true that he has been a “Long time Activist” (he’s often referred to as an “Aboriginal leader” in the Media, though in point of fact he’s never actually had any followers) he is also a rude, stuck up bastard who has never had a friendly word for me in twenty years, so screw him! Actually, being colour blind myself I’ve never thought of him as being an “aboriginal” activist so much as one of those grumpy old West End Lefties like Brian Laver & Gary MacLennan who used to hang around Emma’s book shop reminiscing about the good old days of student activism in the sixties.

However, the real problem for the Socialists, of course, is that they still have the bloody ghost of Mother Russia hovering behind them, making it difficult for the average voter to go there. Its like;

“Well I agree with their free dental plan but I’m not sure about their Gulags for political opponents policy.”

Ho ho..yes. (We Anarchists, on the other hand, have made many mistakes in the past, but turning half the world into a concentration camp has never been one of them.)

The Socialists aren’t the only party with a thing for concentration camps, however. The major parties want them too, but only for foreigners trying to sneak into the country, and possibly also for welfare recipients if they fail their “mutual obligations” requirements.

Speaking of the major parties, the Lib-Labs, a great feeling of ennui descends upon me,

 at the thought of having to write anything about them.

After all, what is there to say not said a hundred times. The Lib-Nats are EVIL and Tony Abbott look like the monkey-man who came out of the woods and killed my grandmothers chickens back in the old country. The Labor Party are untrustworthy scum, but at least Julia has back-pedalled rapidly from Kevin’s “I believe in a Big Australia” boosterism. But will she really do anything meaningful about Australia’s runaway population growth, ie., cut the immigration rate or just make soothing noises? Sadly, it seems that like the Libs shes more interested in bashing the poor people cast up in rusty boats. Anyone who thinks its safe to send these people back to Afghanistan should look at the front page of TIME this week.

 You want to send women and children back to that? To the Taliban’s clutches? For SHAME!

Its not the small numbers of refugee boat people thats causing Australia’s population problems. More like the swarms of middle class European backpackers overstaying their visa’s and Indian/chinese students studying dodgy courses for hairdressing and interior design entitling them to residency. When you think about it these travel agencies and trade colleges are no better than “people smugglers”. Jail em all!


All respect to Bob Brown, possibly the most decent human being in parliament, but I’m not at all impressed by the Greens Senate candidate for QLD, Larissa Waters. Light weight show pony with no political depth or background in activism. And she’s a lawyer. I mean, just what we need, another lawyer in Canberra. Now at least I could respect Drew Hutton when he was leading the Senate ticket for the Greens, for despite our many political differences, he is a genuine, long time activist whose commitment to environmental & social issues I have never doubted. At least his better half, Libby Connors is on the number two spot for the Greens, so I’ll put her ahead of Larissa. Sorry, thats just the way I feel.

“So who will you vote for Reverend,” I hear you beseech? “Give us guidance!”

Well now, lets see..

Sadly the H.e.m.p. Party (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) won’t be fielding candidates this election. I myself have been proud to be a H.em.p. candidate on half a dozen occasions previously, state & federal, and perhaps would have stood again. Unfortunately the Electoral Commission is continuing its long drawn out vendetta against HEMP, and after deregistering the party the Commission has stymied all efforts to re-register. Check out the details of this long running battle on the HEMP web site.

Quite possible I would have ended up voting for the Stable Population Party

(see web site)

but they also have been smacked down in the middle of the registration process. Yes the old “snap election” stratagem has successfully winnowed out many of the small parties & independents who would a have been in a better position to mount campaigns later in the year. Which I guess was partly the reason that the election was called early.

 As noted previously, I think that Population Growth is the most important issue affecting us today & tomorrow, and neither of the major parties appear capable of facing up to it.

(And the Greens have been disturbingly quiet on the issue. Why? Perhaps afraid of being tagged as racists)

but I’ll say it loud & I’ll say it proud!

ZPG is what we need.

Anyone who says different is a fool.

Yes Zero Population Growth is what I advocate for Australia and the world in general. The idea that “GROWTH” is inherently a good thing is one of the new turbo-capitalisms fondest tenets and it will destroy us all unless its is fought tooth and nail.

Meanwhile out on the furthest fringes of the other side of the political galaxy, we have the good old Citizens Electoral Council, always guaranteed to raise a smile, and yet again they have not disappointed.

Founded in Kingaroy and worshiping at the altar of Lyndon la Roche, the crazy old Citizens Electoral Council got my interest with their take on, of all things, COSMIC RAYS. Yes, a recent CEC election broadsheet was extracted from my letter box, and amongst its contents was a long spiel by their leader, where he suddenly launches out on a tangent with this long diatribe about cosmic rays and mankind’s destiny amongst the stars. I was impressed by his willingness to take a stand on this fascinating issue, but was left somewhat uncertain as to whether he was ‘for’ or ‘against’ cosmic rays. Never mind, I’ve written away for some of their literature so I’m sure soon the mystery will be revealed.

Actually, living as I do in the electorate of Griffith, unlike the majority of Australians, I have the opportunity to actually vote for both Kevin Rudd and Anna Bligh directly, being my local Representatives. But I probably won’t.

Maybe I’ll just vote for the Hamburger Man.

For a local hamburger joint has taken advantage of the election to put  its own VOTE FOR signs up around the neighbourhood. “VOTE FOR BURGER URGE” they proclaim, and there’s the usual picture of a dude in a nice suit, but the candidate has a nice fat hamburger for a head. I know its just advertising really, but it has a nice surrealist edge to the joke and I for one have the urge to go out and vote for a total meat head.

Hold the cheese.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister with the Church of Spiritual Humanists.


~ by reverendhellfire on August 8, 2010.

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