I was sitting in my kitchen

thinking about all the casualties from my youth.

Yes indeedy!

Times Bloody Hammer

had hammered us hard

and now I found myself idly wondering whether

I knew more people who had hung themselves,

or more who had merely O.D.’ed


In the end I was surprised to realize

that the rope kids came out just ahead

in Life’s Demolition derby.

The winners

by a neck.


Of course this was not taking into account

all of those seemingly set on self-destruct,

who ended up with their diseased and livid livers

leaping lightly into their laps.

Or, speaking of laps,

there are those that were just stopped

dead in their tracks

by that last lamp-post they never saw.

The headlines screaming red;

Speed King Kids Killed In Crash!


Nor indeed have we considered the random stab and slash,

that has left so many gutted and gulping

their last gasps out in a gutter.

Like “Hippie-Dave” the friendly pot dealer,

sliced open from scrotum to spleen

by a drunken customer with a blunt letter opener,

just coz he wouldn’t give credit.


Or that other Dave ( I know..I know

dead or demented Dave’s by the dozen)

but I speak of “Dave-with-the Hat”

you remember,

Butchered with a bottle and bled to death

at the bus-stop at closing time,

outside the Melbourne Hotel.

A little matter of twenty dollars,

as I recall.


But Death’s a funny thing, or so I’ve found.

So often someone dies and no-one seems to give a damn.

Like that poor bastard I once knew,

a seedy junkie caretaker,

but basically harmless.

He ran a run-down boarding house

which he charitably filled with fellow users and working girls.

Of course no-one ever paid the rent and he ended up

so deeply in debt to his gangster landlord

that he blew out the back of his skull with a shotgun.

He might have had other problems as well,

I don’t know, I don’t even remember his name now

but I do recall

that his fellow residents just hacked out bits of the fibro wall

splattered with his blood and brains

to take for souvenirs.


On the other hand there are those whose passing

can leave a whole community

shattered and shaken for years.

A seemingly bottomless well watered

with self-indulgent tears.


Then..there are those other deaths,

The ones that sort of make you want to smiile.

Like the happy day that hulking,

useless jerk called “Junkie Dave”

took the opportunity to off himself.


A thieving, lying, bullying leech,

he liked to prey on gullible girls naïve enough

to believe his hard luck tales long enough

to be completely ripped off and fucked over.

A brooding, self-pitying narcissist,

cynical to the core,

he burnt and betrayed every fool who ever tried

to help or befriend or defend him.


In the end I publickly Cursed him

and he went completely mad and hung himself

a short time later, in a sordid, squalid squat,

abandoned by all, the dingy walls

covered in his last demented scrawls.

The ambulance guys finally found him

still swinging with a last cigarette

some joker had jammed

between his cold and lifeless fingers,

burnt down to the bone.


Now at the time, I won’t diguise

I gloated gladly at the demise

of this creature whom I truly did despise.

But now, of course, years later,

when I stop to reconsider

I realise..

Ye Gods! It still makes me feel good to know

that evil creep has croaked!


Perhaps I’m just not a nice person,

But I’ll tell you this for certain, kids,

coz I hate hypocrisy,

There’s nothing that feels better,

than having a dead enemy.




No Book Review this week folks,

didn’t read anything I’d recommend,

or maybe I’m just lazy

but I am going to the Kurilpa Poets Gig today

so expect a review of that next week.

Blessings to all sentient creatures!


The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet & ordained minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists.

(Please note the C.S.H. is NOT a Christian denomination.)




~ by reverendhellfire on September 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “TIMES BLOODY HAMMER”

  1. Quite bleak and depressing, Reverend!

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