Reflections on Time


Reflections on Time.


The Past a plastic plaything,

in an impressionistic strain,

a constantly shifting

kaleidoscopic collage.

The plastic past a plaything

of my elastic brain,

rippling on the event Horizon,

some shimmering mirage.


The Collective Past

just a collaborative fiction

which we all agree to keep going

for our mutual benefit.

As to interpreting the Past, well,

The Past certainly happened,

on this all experts agree,

but after this promising start,

opinions diverge rapidly.


The Past..

Will it happen again?

Some say yes,

we’re on a circular train,

some sort of universal carousel.

Whilst others of a more Apocalyptic bent

Look forward to an Ultimately

Terminal Event.


As to the Future, I suspect

it doesn’t even exist,

not yet anyway

and never will

until we make it Now.

Perhaps, after all,

there is only Now & Then.


Don’t worry about the Future,

the Wise man say,

it will never happen, Grasshopper,

What we have to deal with

is Now & Here!

Yes and yet,

clearly predictions can be made.

Lines can be drawn

graphs plotted

showing incontravertably

where we will be

when Now is Then.

The Future, a prediction then?

Like some ongoing inevitability,

around a corner you can’t see..

Lines dotted out off the edge of the page

like those footsteps fading out behind you,

the further back you look,

the more the sand has covered your trail

till there’s only you and the desert left,

trapped in the here and now again.


And yet,

barring Death,

I know it will be tomorrow soon,

I’ll be sitting here in this spot,

looking at these words.

My fingernails and stubble will be

    .5 of a millimetre longer,

    even if i die the stubble

    will keep on growing inexorably,

    biochemical process doncha know?


    the Future hasn’t happened yet,

    nor will it ever.

    The Past is just

    catching up with us.




    No review this week kiddies, but next week look out for a cracking review of Chris bennett’s fascinating “Cannabis and the Soma Solution”.


    The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists.

    Pretty trippy, hey?



~ by reverendhellfire on January 30, 2011.

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