Dear Doktorr




I asked for an Arts Grant

but they gave me a Pension

still I think I came out ahead.”


Please Doctor tell me,

why do I get Mirages

occuring in my kitchen?

I can see them clearly,

the lakes and cities shimmering far away

the natives strolling slowly beneath the palm trees

and when I pick up my phone

I get these persistant ringing noises

in my ears.


Worse still,

I keep hearing Voices, horrible, horrible voices

and music.. coming from the radio! Frankly

I’m worried there’s something wrong with me,

and, I know you’ll think I’m Paranoid,

but whenever I look in the letter box

all the letters seem to be addressed to me!

Its almost like someone’s trying

to communicate with me.

So I’m watching the signs very carefully, Doctor,

and I’m putting the pieces together

and I’m preparing, oh yes, when the Day comes

I’ll be ready. Yes when the Hammer comes down

I’ll know what to do..

I have a list, Doctor.

A list of names.

I am glad to be able to tell you Doctor

that your name is not amongst them.

Nontheless, the Terrible Day of the Great Cleansing

is coming, and,

call me misanthropic,

but personally I look forward to seeing

the human clutter swept away in the tidal deluge.


Doctor, I’m not sure your prescription

is working, I still feel anxiety

when I’m screaming at people,

and lightswitches irritate me.

Perhaps you should try

taking it yourself instead,

and we’ll see how that works for awhile.




Yet again there is no review. The Reverend has several deadlines and his gout is acting up. Now where’s the damn sherry?


The Reverend Hellfire.. not a cliche but an archtype!



~ by reverendhellfire on March 27, 2011.

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