Loves’s Strange Design


Loves Strange design casts careless violets

in my Lovers hair,

scattered like the Stars above

in the dark, slow wheeling sky,

and careless as the summer breeze

that kisses and caresses limbs,

O limbs both shadowed and fair.


We recline upon an old, abandoned couch,

thrown out upon this lane,

unwanted, broken backed,

yet comfortable enough for two

strolling lovers passing through,

to rest a moment and embrace.

As we lie,

cuddling in the contours carved

by the long-lost ghosts of forgotten lovers,

Shadows locked in a thousand forgotten embraces,

the couch yields beneath us like

an aging lover who thought they’d lost their charms,

surprised to find Love once more nestled in their arms,

Smiles softening the weathered leather.


We meanwhile lie like puppies curled,

sleepy with love now,

our stolen roses strewn about us &

our feet entwined we dream

beneath the streetlight shadows of a myrtle oak, it seems

to stand in Sentinel Silence,

thoughtful branches brooding

over the Human Play.


Far away lightning simmers

on the horizon of the summer sky.

Ozone crackling with electricity,

every time you flash your smile.

We are wrapped Forever in each others arms

upon this ad-hoc stage, this quiet street at night.

What thoughtful, unseen hand cast this design to view?

So strangely formal, this setting out of Loves tableau,

of lamplight and roses, couch and tree,

Lovers and the whispering breeze,

the border fringe of picket fence and flowers.

How could this be mere accident?

Surely some hidden audience surveys the show,

whilst above the dark, slow-wheeling stars

revolve Forever around this moment Now.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising performance poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists and the Church of the Universe. He has the body of a young boy and the heart of a three thousand year old crocodile.



~ by reverendhellfire on May 22, 2011.

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