As an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism, the Reverend’s religious obligations require him to Celebrate the Winter Solstice in an appropriate manner.

And so a blazing fire was lit in the backyard, (ignoring the kill-joy Brisbane City Council regulations re., open fires and festive gatherings. The Reverend cordially invites their bureaucrats to kiss his butt) the faithful gathered, good food was et, much wine consumed and the Reverend joked and sung and stumbled around in the shadows until it was time for them to carry him to his bed.

Which is why this weeks planned sermon has been postponed.

Never mind, here’s an old poem from his back catalogue.

 Happy Winter Solstice to All!




 Let me tell you how

I came to be

 a Shape shifter;

  At first, you see, she saw me

 as being.. Intriguing!

 Yes, tall & dark,

 a ‘Mysterious Stranger.’


 After awhile,

 After I’d made her smile, .

 She came to see me

 as being

 ‘a very nice guy’

(o such a cunning disguise!)


Later still,

 She came to see me,

 as being the Perfect Lover

 of her Dreams!

 A delusion,

 I assure you,

 which deeply disturbed me.

 Later on,

 after the glamour had gone,

 She saw me as being


 in human form.


 But I never changed,

 I was always the same person.

 She saw in me

 whatever she wanted to see.

 They all do.

 So do you.



The Reverend Hellfire..warranty void when opened.



~ by reverendhellfire on June 19, 2011.

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