I know there’s a pattern there somewhere,”

I shrugged sadly and gave her the ‘paper,

but I’ve recently discovered that I can’t see,

and now the news is just braile to me.”


Yes it came as a shock when the doctor

told me that I was blind,

Though of course he was quite professional

and did his best to be kind.


But I can see you now,” I said.

You only think you can,” he said.

You see {if you’ll forgive the pun}

when of the Senses missing’s one,

the Others struggle to make up the difference,

The Neural Network rewires itself, develops hithero

undeveloped formations,

neurons link and merge to create

a complicated composite

picture in the brain.

So you only think you can see my face,

here, you’d better have this white cane.”


Even the familiar streets looked strange now,

as I went tapping with my cane,

now that I knew that eye was blind,

nothing looked the same.


It made a kind of sense though,

why all my life

Others would see

things the way I never could.

Or why that old lady

helped me cross the street

that time,

even though I was just

waiting for a bus.

(She seemed so very insistant

I didn’t want to make a fuss.)


So I shrugged off my Depression,

brave resolved to face my fate,

And I went home and looked at the flowers,

and they still sounded great.




The Reverend Hellfire is a practising performance Poet and an ordained Minister. Donations gratefully accepted.

Will read poems for food.



~ by reverendhellfire on July 17, 2011.

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