Sunset at the Intersection,

cross-roads of Vulture and Boundary,

the peak hour traffic madness

is roaring all around me.

But I stand like a sentinel silent,

and I do not hear a sound,

for I am viewing a vision,

that arrests me and astounds,

yes I am watching the lights change,

watching the lights change

in the sky.


It seemed a fiery flag of flame

flared and flapped against an Iridescent,


Opulescent screen,

that made the senses reel before

a Vision so transcendant

that my poor gift for words

could never dare to dream to fully describe

that radiant painted sky.

Yet in all that crowded part of town,

the only one who watched, was I.


Everyone else was watching the traffic lights,

changing from green to red,

eager to make the ritual journey

from their work back to their bed.

Trapped on an economic treadmill,

of Anxiety and Daily Dread,

They work and breed, consume and find,

Surprise! They’re suddenly dead!

Too buzy a hive to Contemplate

Universal Scenes,

We scurry like blithe insects,

never worry what it means.


But then, you stopped, oh Stranger,

turned and stood and watched awhile.

You met my eye, we smiled,

and we went our separate ways.

O how I admired your bravery that day!

For it seems to take all of our courage,

so small are we humans in Spirit,

just to smile at a fellow Stranger,

in the Face of the Infinite.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising performance poet and an Ordained Minister of several bona fide religions.

He won’t lie to you like the others..



~ by reverendhellfire on August 28, 2011.

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