we see the poet thru other eyes


we see the poet thru other eyes..


“You were in my dreams,” She said to me,

“You had these long, beautiful, multicoloured Wings

but the ends were all tattered,

and draggled sadly behind you in the dust.”

“Oh, you just saw my soul,” I told her.

“Oh I know,” she said and smiled.


He said, “I dreamt I went to your house

and there was this big Party going on.

More and more people kept pouring in.

 I was worried we’d run out of supplies

but then you showed me that you had

this magical table that you could extend

like a telescope

but over and over, again and again

 to an infinite length,

and each time  it would be laden once more

with fine foods, and strong-drink

and strange, exotic drugs.”

“Your Kind,” I modestly declined,

“but really I just set the Table..

Life itself provides the Feast.”


“I dreamt you set yourself on Fire,”

He, agitated, told me,  

still  somewhat disturbed it seemed,

by the ghastly strangeness of his Dream.

“You set yourself on Fire,” he repeated,

“but you didn’t Die.”

“You just laughed and sang as you burned

and called out,

Come on ..Try it! It doesn’t hurt at all!“”


He told me then that

darkly billowing clouds of smoke

began to obscure the  scene.

The dream faded to black

as the apalled Dreamer

frozen with fear,

watches helplessly

the Poet, laughing in the Flames,

dancing to the Last.

Rev Right Hand crop2flame frame



The Reverend Hellfire. You’ll miss him when he’s gone.


~ by reverendhellfire on October 16, 2011.

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