THE ELEMENTS Pts 3&4; Water and Earth!


The Elements Part 3: WATER!

 “Stay away from the water..Water is dangerous!”-Anna Bligh, Premier of QLD, 2011


Good old Wishy washy Water. Just shrugs and goes with the flow. Yes, that’s what everybody thinks, but don’t be fooled.

Water is sneaky. ‘Fluid’, say its apologists. Water always flows with the crowd and seems to have no real opinions of its own, merely taking on the colour of its neighbours. But this is camouflage for its agenda of covert infiltration, as it seeps its way insidiously into Lives. Already 98% of the human body is essentially owned by Water, the Enemy within. And Water is persistent; a dripping tap can wear through rock in time.

Beware! Water can disguise itself as cute and fluffy clouds. More public relations spin! Those innocent little silver-lined puff-balls are really harbingers of Storm & Disaster, Water’s traditional trademarks.

Water is never satisfied with where it is and always wants to be somewhere else. Thus it will always try to escape at the first opportunity.

And Water is treacherous. A mere puddle can drown you, a spoonful can choke you to death in moments. In its depths lurk mosquito larvae, guinea worm, typhoid, bacteria and deadly amoeba.

Water hungers for the lives of sailors, and slurrps and sucks hungrily at their ships. She Hungers also for the Moon and thus the oceans follow that satellite’s course, like a cat’s eyes track a canary’s’ flight across a room. Water never blinks while She watches.

So much blood has been spilt in this liquid’s name in fact, that it should be considered as Murders’ Apprentice. Water is always happy to provide Poison with a cover story and help assassins dispose of the evidence. “All water under the bridge now”, they chuckle, after they shrug the heavy sack over the railings and hear the sinister splash.

But be assured, Water will just wash its hands of the whole affair.



The Elements Part 4: EARTH!


Ah patient, long suffering Earth. A passive-aggressive bitch of an Element

if you ask me. Slumbers mumbling sullenly forever, then WHAM!

Suddenly makes with the seismic activity

and then its all earthquakes and volcanoes.

I’ve lived with women like that. Indeed,

Earth is generally thought of in the Feminine,

(ask any nubile New Age Earth goddess

or menopausal moon-mother,)

and with good reason.

All of the major archetypal attributes of the Feminine gender

have been levelled at one time or other at the Earth.

You know

both Fecund and Devouring,

Nurturing Life one moment, then capriciously destroying it the next.

Reliable as the seasons and unpredictable as the weather,

yes, Earth is a girl of many moods.

In sullen moments her name is Mud.

Being Wholistically inclined,

as befits these moderne tymes,

Earth‘ Herself is manifest in the smallest handful thereof.

(The alchemists knew this secret and kept it to themselves. She rewarded them accordingly.)

Earth gives form to all our dreams. Manifesting through her many Avatars

She clothes herself in our cities.

Indeed, Earth is made manifest beneath our feet each moment we live.

Magicians and Shamans have lived in her caves,

also bears, bats and snakes.

Subsequently She has acquired a reputation for giving birth to Monsters,

but really She is no more than the Monsters’ landlord.

She has, however, adopted many as her own,

hence Her connection in tales of old,

to Giants and Golems and Dwarves, each equally associated with Earth

in mankind’s many myths, they serve as Her Elemental minions

in secret tunnels.


When Humanity travels to distant stars

and visits other planets,

Earth will be there too,

waiting for us.


Next Week..The Fifth Element!



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe.

He still puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like you.


~ by reverendhellfire on December 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “THE ELEMENTS Pts 3&4; Water and Earth!”

  1. Water did it for me!

  2. What a creative, watery, fiery, earthy kind of cycle this is!

  3. Reblogged this on Wendy Powell and commented:
    riveting , you paint incredible pictures with your wordsmith,s tongue.

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