The Elements Part 5; SPIRIT


The Elements Part 5:SPIRIT!


For centuries the knowledge of the four common Elements,

Fire, Air, Water & Earth,

has been widely disseminated throughout the Western World, yeah even unto the ignorant and unenlightened masses. But the ancient Occult and Alchemical Mystery Schools, that have existed always in the background and continued to pass on their Traditions for over 3,000 years, have it as a Secret Teaching that there is a Fifth Element, more exulted than the Others. This Element is called Spirit.

Some vacuous, New Age guru-popularists would have it that “Love” is the Fifth Element. But this is exactly the kind of glib, slimy, pseudo-hippy gibberish that Charlie Manson used to hook his pathetically desperate followers, and anyone who would fall for that old spiel deserves no better than He to worship.

Beside, Love is not an Element. Love is a Virus.

Spirit is often confused with Air, with which it shares some characteristics. Indeed, Spirit shares characteristics with all the other Elements. It is this property which allows Spirit to blend unseen in the background.

It is a mistake to believe however, as the Pantheists do, that Spirit is Everywhere, distributed evenly throughout the physical matter comprising Existence.

Truly it was a wise man who said, “In the realm of the Elements all is mixed and disordered.” Like the other Elements, Spirit clumps and coagulates, ebbs and flows, builds and diminishes. Sometimes it appears to be entirely absent, as absent as is Water from the Desert, or Fire from the Sea, or Joy from a Jail.

It is said by the Mystery Schools that Spirit arises out of the other Elements that form the base Matter of our Universe. It is taught that the four common Elements form the points of a Square. Arising above this Square to form a Pyramid is the Fifth point, Spirit.

The Metaphor is clear. It is Spirit which opens the further dimensions. It is Spirit which raises us above the mere brute mechanics of a machine Universe. (This Euclidean template has other applications which I am not permitted to divulge at this stage to the profane).

Spirit can be considered as the distillation of matter. Yes, it is no accident that highly concentrated alcoholic beverages are named “Spirits”, for their discovery was made by Alchemists, whose experiments by analogy sought to duplicate and thus replicate, this distillation of Spirit. Proceeding with meditative calm, the Alchemists took Earth (grain, potatoes or other representative specimens of Earths bounty),

immersed it in Water, (or one of its fluidic avatars,) by application of Heat brought the influence of Fire into the process,

which thus expelled the superfluous Air, leaving only the distilled essence-of-Earth remaining in the alembic, yeay

the concentrated Spirit of Earth, 100% proof.

Yes, Vodka, Absinth, Gin! All bear witness to the power of Spirit, hiding in dross & unregarded Matter.

Drink you deep therefore of this Wisdom and be Drunken with the Knowledge!

 And in that Spirit, Brothers & Sisters, till next we meet, I bid you fond adieu.



The Reverend Hellfire. He’s actually a very nice man.



~ by reverendhellfire on December 11, 2011.

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  1. Powerful stuff, reverendhellfire. Powerful stuff.

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