Well this is true..


I was walking home alone along

St Kilda beach at dawn,

after another all-nighter

down the Drunken Dives of old Fitzroy Street.

And dirty & disheveled, I stumbled home,


and thinking

of Coffee

when I see..

A One Legged Girl,

flying a Kite,

at Dawn,

by the Sea.


Her crutches lay discarded,

beside her in the sand,

her boyfriend was sitting next to her,

holding her hand

and both their eyes were fixed upon

that big, red diamond

way up there

in that Blue, Blue Sky.

And their two dogs

ran around & around

in excited, barking circles..


Don’t know why I cried

as I shambled away,

Dogs splashing past me

through the shallow waves..


 It took ten years to write this poem.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising performance poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe.

He chews all ideologies over three times before swallowing.



~ by reverendhellfire on March 4, 2012.

10 Responses to “THE KITE”

  1. well it was worth it! beautiful. i love it!

  2. That’s what happens sometimes. Things have to percolate in our heads and ferment until they suddenly bloom into something that is worth something. A memorable poem. Although I’m glad I didn’t wake up with your headache the next morning.

  3. chewing three times before swallowing is good practice 😉

  4. Great poem, Rev. I like its pace, form and simplicity. Vivid.

  5. i can understand why it took you so long to write the poem, you wrote it perfectly. i felt like seeing her, flying the kite while the dogs yapped around them.

    • thank you. I must admit I’m pretty proud of this poem. I feel like I managed to distill something of the essence of the occasion into a kind of (dare I say)archtypal simplicity. Time stripped away the superflous detail.
      Well maybe.

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