PASSION AND THE EMPEROR & Astrology report



Now if in Passion a Roman Emperor,

Robed in purple I would be,

With you my slave, the bed my Empire,

Then this would be my Royal Decree:

That I would have you moan with Pleasure,

In a pale and soft unfolding,

As of pellucid petals trembling,

In the secret midnight flowering,

of the cactus of the moon.

(Have you seen it? It’s beautiful!)


Yes I would have you bound for Pleasure,

Like a slave girl for the market,

With silken thongs as strong as leather,

To bind a Free, Strong, Noble Spirit,

Debauched and Innocent,

like my own.

Whose “Slavery” is but a gift,

(She smiles.. her teeth are white as bone!)

Oh how to tame this savage beast?

Well, Passion is the text I preach,

Use Love the Lash

and Lust

the Leash!


And I would conjure Mythic lands,

Where I would rule a Royal Beast-King,

And you the Savage Consort that I’d keep.

And I would wear a cat-like tail,

to wrap around us as we sleep,

And like a feathered serpent

or a lizard with the softest fur,

My prehensile tail will stroke your cheek

And make you wail and purrr..




And now for another Astrological assessment from my personal Astrologer. Sadly, most Astrologers today are ignorant lackwits, who make their prognostications using charts that are 2,000 years out of date. Yes, thanks to the 26,000 year long Precession of the Equinox, the Heavens have shifted over the Millenia, but your average Astrologer hasn’t noticed! No, addicted to tradition, they just keep using ancient charts that were accurate when Babylon was founded. Idiots! My Astrologer, on the other hand, actually looks at the sky, and notes the star signs actual current positions!


(and just wait till I get stuck into homeopaths!)



Wrong about Rudd, right about Flood


What about the Queensland State Election?


Well, to my earlier prediction on Reverend Hellfire’s Sunday Sermon : I predicted that Kevin Rudd would beat Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister in the leadership spill. Gillard won. I erred in thinking that Rudd represented change/or the new order. Gillard, although already Prime Minister, had previously toppled old order Rudd, and still represented change. She is, after all, Australia’s first female Prime Minister.(and an unmarried, childless atheist!) I think though, that the Uranus/Pluto square energies I spoke of still hold true.


As to the floods prediction: well, I was pleased to have made a correct prediction, as floods washed across 3 states in Australia, and the most severe in living memory, but my heart goes out to all those flood victims affected by trauma and loss.


Now to contemplate the Queensland State Election next Saturday 24 March 2012.


Looking purely at the planetary aspects, not considering signs nor house…….


There are no less than 5 trines, including a 2 Grand Trines on the day, plus 3 conjunctions, 2 squares and an opposition, according to my reckoning. There seems to be a strong trend towards sudden change, surprises, someone with a personal drive to win at any cost. A drive for dominance and power. This person may have hidden secrets, clandestine activities that will come to light, they may be an ill-tempered person behind closed doors. A personality focused on major development, large scale projects, and concrete manifestations of their ideas, I’m thinking all this reminds me of Concrete-can-do-Campbell Newman. (And sadly, Anna Bligh has made a few enemies along the way). So whether we like it or not, I think Newman might win. So look out Queensland, for a return to Joh Bjelke Peterson style running of Queensland, selling it off to the highest bidder, and out of control Development.


The March 24th aspects for those who are interested are:


Sun conjunct Mercury; Sun conjunct Uranus; Sun square Pluto; Mercury square Pluto; Venus trine Mars; Venus conjunct Jupiter; Venus trine Pluto; Mars opposite Neptune; Mars trine Pluto; Mars trine Jupiter; and Saturn trine Neptune. The two Grand Trines are going to supercharge all those influences too. See, I told you it was a whammy!


-the Anonymous Astrologer



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising performance poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe.

May contain traces of nuts.




~ by reverendhellfire on March 18, 2012.

6 Responses to “PASSION AND THE EMPEROR & Astrology report”

  1. I love it! Both the poem and your ‘horrorscope’.

  2. Your poem was enticing. Loved the imagery and the rhythm. And I’m not just saying that because you liked my page. 🙂 Well done, Sir, well done.

    • Glad you like it. My own appreciation was likewise sincere. I notice there are people (photo.bots springs to mind) who seem to visit EVERY wordpress site and ALWAYS click “Like”.
      Clearly a slimy tactic aimed at driving traffic to their site. I despise such insincerity.
      Me i like to browse a bit and if I see stuff that bores me i just ignore it. If I see something that interests me I like to communicate.

  3. Good Lord, or something like that, Reverend. Your poetry is really getting romantic/ well, almost…

    • I may be a humble Reverend but I still have my passionate side. Indeed, I am dumbstruck with awe whenever I consider the Creative Energies that can be unleashed when the twin serpents of Lust and Love entwine.

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