(This poem was written long before the current fad for teen Vampire Romance novels. It was in fact lost for many years, but fortuitously, today I found an old tape of me reading it on a rainy day while I doodled on the keyboard. So now, back from the grave, fully restored and resurrected, I give you the poem entitled..)


The Innocent Vampyre


Feebly the innocent Vampyre

eschews the pallid day,

where nothing shines by its own magic light

but instead

reflects the seering, domineering

slatted sheets of blistering sun.

But at Dusk,

as in the Autumn,

when the wan eyelid flutters

like a brown moth in the dry and dusty ribcage

where the prisoner heart lies beating,

He awakens from his sleeping,

(and the good earths’ gentle keeping)

and with a cry of wild delight, declaims:

“And Now give me once more the Power

and the Magic of the Night!”


“Give me the light of ancient stars

that I might drink their beauty from afar.

Give me the dark of whispering woods

in which to hide and lurk and brood,

Oh blessed Solitude!


Give me the tread and company

of feline friends who thread their way

through alleyways and backstreets

in the lonely, tender night.

Prowling silhouetted

the hidden, silent centre

lurking unsuspected

in each busy city’s heart.


Give me the depthless shadows

like doorways to Oblivion.

Give me the shining cobblestones

that pave the road that sweetly

leads unto Obscurity!

Give me the swirling grain of oaken

panels lining ancient wardrobes

whence to lurk like heart-ache memories ‘midst

the velvet, leather, satin, silk and lace

of costumes fair.

Subtle perfumes

and rare virgin essences

encase my dreaming like

silken cocoons spun by insects

bright as living jewels

and phosphorescent in the night.”


At last he sighs and lifts a trembling hand

to shut the shutters,

draws the blind against the blinding light

and winds the winding sheet

as dry and fragile as his Being

around his weary, red-rimmed eyes,

to seek once more the comfort found

in the coffin of Oblivion

and the darkness of his dreams.




The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe.

He may well be Australia’s Greatest Living Poet! (Well, do you know anyone better? No, I didn’t think so)



~ by reverendhellfire on June 10, 2012.


  1. Reblogged this on PRESIDENTS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

  2. Great work,look forward to more

  3. Fine use of alliteration & intermittent rhyme & tale of a kinder, gentler,
    poetic vampyre of the night, who like Greta Garbo, wants to be alone…

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