winter night

Winter’s Grace


The evening sidles in a little earlier

these days,

the darkness cuddling closer

like a cat.

The doors and windows beckon burning

bright as butter flames.

The radiator hums me gently

a lullaby to sleep,

its orange glow as comforting

as snapshots of a happy childhood

moment long ago.


This is Winter’s Grace,

that it brings loved ones closer,

huddling for human warmth.

This is Winter’s Duty,

to remind us it is good

to have a roof above one’s head,

food upon the table

and a loving friend.


It is not Winter’s fault

the Homeless wander

destitute beneath the skies,

surely the blame is only ours.

Yet it is cruel Winter’s Kindness

like a grim but benevolent Vet,

to end the sufferings of the weakest

with the soothing syrup of sleep.






The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe.

“To be well adjusted in a sick society is not a sign of health”-Krishnamurti




~ by reverendhellfire on March 3, 2013.

3 Responses to “WINTER’S GRACE”

  1. I can feel it coming

  2. Sleep is, indeed, soothing syrup…

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