tree eating bike 



This Insect scratches words

in sand

swiftly swept away by desert winds

the lines

of this archaic dialect,

this antique Script

few future Archaeologists

may understand.


This Poet scratches words

in snow

to see them turn to water

in the Spring.


This Poet scratches

words in dust,

he rhymes in rust,

each day he breathes he incorporates

the Aesthetic of Decay


the crumbling body of his Work.


This sick man writes

in words of pus and pain,

scratches cancer hieroglyphs

upon the bone,

strains to finish this his final poem.


This child scrawls her poems

in crayons

red and yellow, green and blue.

Without words,

frowning with concentration,

each day she recreates

the smiling World anew.



"Tiger Burning Bright" by the Reverends daughter (age 4)

“Tiger Burning Bright” by the Reverends daughter (age 4)


Poets Note; I was going to save this poem for competitions or other publications, and not put it up on Sunday sermons, cos they consider stuff to be “published” once its on the Net. Unfortunately these same publications/poetry organisations have a double standard in this regard, as they won’t consider you an “established author” till you publish something. But they won’t consider something you’ve put on the net as properly “published”. Oh no. So by putting all my poems up here on Sunday Sermons I’m cutting my own throat, professionally speaking. But to hell with the Poetry Mafia, they never liked me anyway! Its Sunday and I need a sermon so I’ll share this poem now with you my friends. I’ll just write more great stuff later.


Plantshow Pt2 Jpigred



The Reverend Hellfire, journeyman Performance Poet, ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe, Secretary of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity.

Mops floors to make a buck.




~ by reverendhellfire on May 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “TEXT-URE”

  1. I’ve had stuff published ‘commercially’ in anthologies and several books of my own. But I gave up on publishers and started self-publishing. For about ten diollars each you can get a perfectly bound paperback with a glossy full-colour cover if you order at least 50 copies in print-on-demand. I do my own formatting, editing, and cover design (using Photocopy). They look quite professional. That’s a stupid double standard those guys have.

    • Indeed you’re quite right. The self-publishing route is quite respectable and you have ultimate control. Of course then comes the marketing and so forth which can be a lot of work. I must admit I haven’t really looked at the self-published ebook possibilities really.Did your books have ISBN barcode etc?
      Why not 50 copies? I like the story of how Rimbaud published his last work, “a Season in Hell” before he went off to sell guns to the natives. Apparently he conned a printer into printing up 100 copies. Then he grabbed half a dozen or so “authors” copies from the printer, handed them around to a few of his friends and left for Africa never to be seen again. he didn’t even keep a copy for himself. The other 90 copies or so sat forgotten in an attic for fifty years. Yet it’s one of his greatest and most influential works. C.J. Dennis on the other hand sold hundreds of thousands of copies of “The Sentimental Bloke” during his lifetime but was never considered a “real poet”-just a rhymmer for the masses.

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