Greed is not my greatest fault,

no, nor lack of Compassion either.

Sudden Anger, I admit, sometimes I am prey to,

a blind eruption when confronted

with Cruelty or Injustice.

My prickly Pride will quickly rise

whenever slightly slighted,

yet just as quickly soon subsides

without further provocation.


With me always is Old Fear,

but I try to ignore his tremulous

whisperings in my ear.


Grudges I try not to bear,

Rancor or Ill feeling,

yet when forced to fight

by an obdurate Foe, why then, I’ll Fight!

And enjoy the battle

and the Victory earned.


Vain? That’s hard to say.

Some say I go too much the other way,

lack of Confidence, Self-Esteem,

these issues trouble true my Dreams.

But still I’m not afraid

to make a stand against the Mob,

or boldly state what I believe is true.

And as for my Beliefs;

Reason and Kindness will ever be my guides,

mere hope of Popularity

will never change my point of view,

Nor, my Friends, would I hope it You.





and for those in the geographical vicinity

Poetree Picnic Poster JPIGwith rats



The Reverend Hellfire is…you know the rest.

“To do good and to be spoken of badly for doing it, is a royal privilege” –Diogenes



~ by reverendhellfire on June 23, 2013.

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