And now for your confusion, another relic from the vaults, a hymn to my favourite CIA-sponsored journal. Consider it a Hymn to Consumerism..

Saturn devouring youngred 



Readers Digest! The Cannibal God!

Swallows the Moon, walks like a dog.

Readers Digest, the Cannibal King,

Dances on Coals/ Python that sings!


Readers Digest, sweating and fat,

Readers Digest, naked and black.

Crouched on an altar

grinning and evil,

Hideous tusks

adorn this pagan idol.


Readers Digest, Awful and Dire!

Grinning swamp-god that peers from the fire.

Readers Digest devours men whole

Readers Digest swallows their souls.


Readers Digest eats its own young,

Readers Digest rolls in it’s dung,

Hideous Grimoire or slick Magazine?

Readers Digest.. oily, obscene!


Readers Digest comes in the Night!

Ivory teeth that snap and bite!

Mutters and rumbles, the worship of drums,

Haunting your dreams,

He comes, He comes!



Authors note; I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this poem, though I do remember laughing a lot.

However, (interesting historical footnote here) I will note in passing that it was in fact Readers Digest that first got me interested in Psychedelic drugs.

Yes, when I was about twelve, I read a lurid Readers Digest story on the “Horrors of LSD!” and frankly they made it sound really interesting. Certainly a lot more interesting than the mundane and quite often miserable life I led at the time, from which my main escape was reading Science Fiction.


The Readers Digest account of psychedlics sounded like life in those Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels I was devouring so naturally I was all for it.

Maybe its all Science-Fiction’s fault?

Not surprising I suppose when you consider who was writing that stuff. (phillip k dick I’m looking at you)

Anyhoo, it was some years before I got the opportunity to open those Gates of Perception, but I was certainly on the look-out from that point on.

Whether any of this has anything to do with the above poem I have no idea.

But so concludes todays sermon. Good luck to everyone in Nimbin today for the Poetry Cup. I’ll see you all there Next Time.

Now I’m going to sit in the Sun.

Why don’t you?

wird square

noble  jpeg



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism and the Church of the Universe, as well as the newly elected President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity.

Latest research indicates approximately 70% of his biomass is composed of bacteria, viruses and a few amoeba.

It is uncertain what role these bacteria play in the production of his poetry.



~ by reverendhellfire on August 4, 2013.


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