The Rev at Lucky Duck..Scary!



Who judges the Judges

Who polices the Cops,

Who counts the Accountants’

Profit and Loss?

Who denounces Denouncers

Who announces Announcers

Who bosses the Bosses

to show that they’re Boss?


Who cooks for the Cooks

And who robs the Crooks,

Who soothes the Psychiatrists

when they’re Insane?

Who teaches the Teachers

Who preaches to Preachers,

Who doctors the Doctors

and eases their Pain?


Yes who heals the Healers

Who squeals on the Squealers,

Who drives the Wheelers

and Dealers around?

Who fights for the Soldiers

Who feeds the Farmers,

Who buries the Undertakers

Deep in the ground?


Who reports on Reporters

Who delivers the Facts,

Who sacks the Sackers

And gives them the Axe?

Yeah who fucks the Fuckers

And who sucks the Suckers,

Who plucks the Pluckers

And wishes them Luck?



format jPig



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet, President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity INC., and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism AND the Church of the Universe.

So simple minded he can’t drive his module.



~ by reverendhellfire on October 6, 2013.

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