New Years Eve Message from the Reverend.

 dancing jester

The Reverend’s NYE Sermon.


Much as I find it boorish to talk about one’s Word Press statistics, I must mention that Sunday Sermon’s passed a Major Milestone this December.

Yes, I can now officially boast of my “Hundreds of Followers”! Thanks to all 201 of you for your faith in my ability to get up on Sunday mornings and churn out something worth reading.

Thanks also to those who have stuck with me and been following my stuff for awhile. Surprisingly few people have “unfollowed” me this year so I must be keeping you entertained at least. (Though I do notice that my American following has dropped off a little of late. Was it something I said?)

And a really big thanks to those who bother to respond and/or make comments. In this regard a Special Thanks must be given to Malcolm Miller and Lindy Lee. You guys are great! Your remarks are always interesting and your constant encouragement has helped give me the Heart to follow my path and keep writing. When both of you are moved to comment favourably on one of my pieces of writing I know I’m doing something right.

Both MM & LL are talented poets/writers in their own right and I urge others to check out their writings. Lindy L can be sampled at

and Malcolm muses at


Must thank also the Wonderfully Wicked Wendy Seary and Haimish Danks Brown for their support also, and the other folks who have recently started following the Sunday Sermons thru Facebook.

And of course a thank you also to those of you who thought enough of my stuff to re-blog it or post it elsewhere or otherwise circulate the words and images I’ve shared with you. (Galaxy Bureau must be noted here) One day my words will have to survive without me and that sort of things a good start.

Finally, I couldn’t have done it without the aid of my ever loyal and ever lovely Personal Assistant, the fabulous Linda Loop who has proof read and helped edit every word that you’ve read here. (Now she blushes)

So in an unfamiliar mood of sentimentality (must be the cheap gin) I wish you all a prosperous New Year.

2013 has been a long year, and a hard one for many of us,

but Fear Not!

The Reverend is cranked up and ready to come out fighting.

Have at it, 2014!

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~ by reverendhellfire on December 31, 2013.

4 Responses to “New Years Eve Message from the Reverend.”

  1. Loved your latest sermon, Reverend, and of course was delighted with the things you said about my own blog. I was surprised by my own Annual Report. As usual, a poem I wrote exactly six years ago has been the most read; “Morning Flight from Crawley” ab\out a wartime experience. I have to believe that it must be the best poem I’ve written. Perhaps my next most lauded is one that’s in the Treasure Chest of The Erotica Readers and Writers Association, ERWA, called “That Night At The Hyatt”. It was an experience of my best friend in a former life she had,.

  2. Congratulations! on the hundreds & here’s to another 201 to join your group of admirers in 2014.
    And too, thanks for the thanks, kind & inimitable Right Reverend Hellfire.

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