This is not a Police State:

Queensland 2014


This is not a Police State.

The Innocent have nothing to Fear, they say,

but happily,

its becoming oh so very easy

to be Guilty.

Why just the other day some guy

was going one kilometre over the speed-limit!

Fortunately they caught him,

so we can all sleep easier tonight.

They caught this other scoff-law too,

who left his car window wound down

slightly more

than the five centimetres

allowed by law. Don’t laugh,

(especially if you’re in an airport queue.)

These stories are true.


This is not a Police State.

Even though I must confess

that I’ve become a criminal too;

the day is hot, outside

as folks in these parts do,

I’ve left the car windows wide open

to cool the car down before I drive.

I’ve left the wheel lock on it’s true,

but I’ve broke the law all the same

if I get caught,

I’ll only have myself to blame.


This is not a Police State,

our modern new laws

merely expedite the justice process,

by reversing the onus of proof.

In theory now we’re all guilty

till our innocence is proven,

(the process may take some time,

and involve rubber gloves.

We apologise to the community

for the inconvenience

and ask for your patience.)


This is not a Police State,

sliding into Military Dictatorship

just because the Premier is

an ex-army man,

and a retired General’s been appointed to be Governor

and another army officer to enforce

the “War on Organised Crime”.

Perhaps that’s why we seem to be

declaring War an awful lot these days,

every time I open the paper

a new War’s been declared..

There’s a War on Bikies, and a War on Paedophiles,

War on shonky tradesmen, War on Drugs,

War on “corrupt” Unions,

War on Violence!

War on Judges who give decisions

the Premier disagrees with,

War on Lawyers

who defend their clients, War on people

Who associate with people

we’ve declared War on,

War on… well, the list goes on.

I’m just waiting for the day that they

get around to declaring war on me!

(Probably around the time of G20,

they’ll want to dig up some old Anarchist,

to blame some outrage on.)


This is not a Police State,

though the Premier has promised

an extra thousand police a year,

and they’ve all been given arrest quota’s

they have to meet

to show they’ve been doing their job.


This is not a police state,

though the “Community” speaks

with but a single voice,

and that voice is Rupert Murdoch’s.

(Actually, the “Community” itself

is in reality a right-wing think tank

whose task is to write letters

that support the Governments actions,

to the newspapers and internet forums.)


This is not a Police State,

we still have Freedom of Speech,

though you can’t be heard above the Muzak

and we’re not allowed to gather

in groups of three or more.

No-one’s listening anyway,

coz they’re plugged in to their Ipods.


We’re all Contract Slaves anyway

with the Freedom to make Money

and the Right to Ride

the Conveyor belt of Consumption.

Police State?? Nah! It’s more like

some bastard form of Feudal Capitalism

with Banks and Corporations

instead of Robber-Barons

to milk the peasants

and sell them “Protection”.

The Police are just the uniformed flunkies

the Rich have standing at the Door

to keep the Riff-Raff out.


This is not a Police State,

so be Alert but not Alarmed.

I’ll say it once more, mate,

This is not a Police State

so please, can I go now, Officer?



hackedJPIG red


tai chi hand strawberry circle

The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet and an ordained Minister

of the Church of Spiritual Humanists AND the Church of the Universe,

(both of which are respectable organisations that aren’t into child abuse.

Unlike say, the Catholics, or the Salvation Army,

or the Anglicans or any of those other “Mainstream” scumbags

that give religion a bad name.)



~ by reverendhellfire on February 2, 2014.


  1. You must know that to express doubt in the ultimate victory of the State over the forces of reaction is a capital offence!

  2. Sometimes it seems we are living in a bad Sci Fi flick…what can we do except do what we do?

    • I tried clicking my heels together three times whilst repeating the words,”There’s no place like home” but I’m still stuck here.I think my only hope is not to lose my sense of humour.

  3. I am relieved that Australia is not a police state. I’ve been trying to figure out if the U.S. is one, but the truth is that the Tea Party conservatives are so wild with rage that they threaten the state of the police even while the police provide them with vital support. Hopefully the wealthy won’t allow the middle class to consume its share of Wal Marts so that they can have more sailing yachts and toga parties. We recognized their deprivity. Poor souls.

  4. Mind your manners & obey the rules, lest you’re made a jailbird fool…

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