This poem I guess is a kind of tribute to two of my favourite Australian poets.

I hope they like it.

ghostie explains ghostly



He said his name was “Ghostboy“,

but he never said exactly

just whose ghost it was he was.


Myself, I sometimes suspected

that the shade of Michael Dransfield

had snuck in like a squatter,

put the electricity on under another name,

and now sat in his unsuspecting landlord’s brain

beneath a single, bare light-bulb

in a dingy room furnished

with only a table and a chair,

obsessively pounding out poems

on an old Olivetti typewriter,


Despite his demise

Death seems to suit Dransfield;

he’s put on some weight,

looks healthier,

given up the drugs..


But he’s still writing those lines though.

Those lines that wander

like a Wordsworthian cloud,

delicate and serene,

seemingly disconnected

from the Cartoon Violence

that surrounds..


Till they turn around, that is,

and stab you in the eye

with a used syringe.


Served you write for looking.

dransfields eyes

(-dedicated to David S. and the shade of Michael D. Respect.)




 and for those of you in the vicinity this Public Service Announcement..

logo crop

The Kurilpa Poets

are proud to present their


Sunday 27th April, 2pm.


Feature Poet: The Reverend Hellfire


Special MC: The ever-lovely Linda Loop

and also

“Surrealism-Poetry from the Psyche”

Featuring Films from the archival vaults.


Mystery Musicians of the Month:

“Mr Gray and the Dark People”


and as always bring your words for

Brisbanes Openest “Open Mic” sessions!

Free Refreshments and Parking!

All this and more for a mere $5!


the Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End,

under the trees of sacred Musgrave Park.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practising Performance Poet, President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity, and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism AND the Church of the Universe.

He is not as other Men. Made for order not off the rack.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 20, 2014.

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