I was going to call this poem Long Weekend, or possibly Long Lost Weekend. I may do so yet.




I‘m not sure I can do this,

I said,

face the Return to Normality so soon.

I need to hide in a darkened room

for awhile,

with thick, velvet curtains that admit

only the occasional sound of birds


a ray of light

for dust motes to dance in.


Deep-sea divers returning to the surface

have this problem,

and astronauts after re-entry,

there’s a period of re-adjustment.

Sure it’s fun to float around

in free-fall for awhile,

but the muscles and bones forget

how to deal with Gravity,

and they have to learn how to walk

all over again, like a stroke victim.


Spend too long in Zero-G

you’d probably end up

a gelatinous, shapeless blob,

held together with skin,

the limbs morphing into flippers

or tentacles

and the black, bottomless eyes of a squid.


Don’t answer the phone,

you’ll regret it

you’ll get madness erupting

or be trapped

in the tedium of polite conversation,

relentless as a dripping tap.

Let the answering machine do the dirty work,

while we ponder the problems of re-entry.

20s mouse


forget me not JPig


The Reverend Hellfire..




~ by reverendhellfire on April 27, 2014.

2 Responses to “RE-ENTRY”

  1. Greetings Reverend,

    I certainly enjoyed this weeks sermon, how I wish I could have attended the afternoon mass today, alas though, work had stolen me away and did not let me out until too late.

    Regards, Kyle

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