From Andromeda to Fay Wray there’s always some temptress leading innocent monsters astray. The Reverend sympathizes.. cthulhu-approves

An Aged Monsters Lament

(on the Leaving of a Younger Lover)



KRAKEN Wake No More!

Young Maidens chained to columns

wearing torn and flimsy gowns

waiting, eagerly,

to be deflowered and devoured,

are off the Menu now,

for you, Old Monster.


Ah! the empty headed Floozies!

Now they just want to be rescued by

smooth muscled, handsome youths,

mere shaved and savage brutes!

Not gummed by ancient monsters steeped

in sophisticated Vice!

Nor pawed

or probed

by their corrupt and knowing claws,

slithering like subtle serpents

into crevices and holes,

or be persistently penetrated

like the good Earths yielding clay,

by the sinister and insidious roots of some

age-gnarled and blackened tree.


Alas, all my old girlfriends had cautioned me

not to get too emotionally involved;

The Wife of Bath as always

had sounded her Word of Warning,

and even leering Medusa

(legs crossed, filing her nails,

bitter as an old Drag Queen)

had cynically prophesied that;

“Dearie, when her Perseus comes,

he’ll be a vain little shit

always looking in a Mirror

so he doesn’t have to

look you in the Eye.”


And She was right.

So I went back to hanging

with Monsters more my Age

and lurking in the Night,

where I watched,

while Perseus was devoured,

and enjoyed the sight.

girly cthulu





The Reverennd Herllfire is not drunk. He is a practising Performance Poet and a buncha other stuff as well! Important stuff!

Who are you looking at?



~ by reverendhellfire on May 4, 2014.


  1. A dark view of the downward path! I, too, have desired one who is probably too young for such an ancient monster. But that is all such a monster knows what to do, and how can he not be true to his own self? Yes, there’s a poem in that….

    • Just my jesting.
      There’s surely a point in a young ladies education when she can benefit far more from the mentorship of an experienced, older monster, than from the clumsy attentions of callow youths. A short extracuricular course over the summer break, perhaps.

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