write something beautiful for me

 The Mask tease crop

write something beautiful for me

Write something beautiful for me,

She said, weave my portrait with your words,

put me in a poem

or a painting or a play.

My dear, I dared Demur,

I fear that it would be but

the Shadow of a Flower.

Paint that then, She said,

Paint my Shadow.

She did not realise what she asked,

Yet for Love I laboured long upon the task,

in those endless hours

between Dusk and Dawn,

something was broken and something was born.

Between rounds of love-making,

we would resume our endless converstion,

half psychotherapy/ half metaphysical speculation,

as she sat there sketching

page after page,

the Pop-Obsessions of her Age,

while I painstakingly painted her shadow.

I painted her whalebone white

in the depths of an endless night

Black upon black in midnight hues,

charcoal and ink and ash slurried through

the rich, deep, pastel swirls of oil,

delicate trimmings of dust and lace,

spider silk to veil her face.

trimmed with velvet

stained with lust.

Secrets shared in Trust

are thrust behind dark curtains,

toothless shadows

who once ruled in


or by Violence,

they have no Power

Now Forever

they are trapped inside my Art.

When the painting was finished,

I hung it in my Gallery

with the Others I had captured over time.

But She was Free to leave

and so she left me,

as I knew she would,

And went to walk

the wide, bright world,

the Girl without a Shadow.

The mask face close up




tai chi hand

The Reverend Hellfire is..

still whatever it was  I said here last week.

Hey! He’s a busy man!


The Reverend invokes the element of FIRE

The Reverend invokes the element of FIRE

And for those in the Reverend Hellfires geographical location don’t miss his Elemental Invocations with the Kurilpa Poets this Thursday June 19th at the West End Library.

for full details go to..




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