Todays Sermon is Rated R+, and contains sexual content, including; exhibitionisim, voyeurism, B & D and some stuff I’m not sure they have a name for yet.

Accordingly: All Adults viewing today’s Poems

must be accompanied by a Miner.

( next weeks sermon will be PG on my PA’s advice)

per[le- 1

Three Poems for Deviants [R+]



1. Digital Penetration

The Camera fucked her

Again and again.

Digging that Digital Penetration,

(the Excitement of Exhibition)

She arched her back

and spread her legs wide.

Came every time the Flash

went off inside.


2. Out in the open

She like to have Sex

out in the Wide Open Spaces,

you know, places

like Cemeteries and Parks.

(And no, she didn’t believe

in waiting till after Dark.)

Me, myself, well I preferred

Abandoned Houses or

Vacant Lots in empty, old

Industrial Estates.

Mix Danger with the Aesthetic of Decay,

to summon some sort of Feral Sexuality

that lurked around

those broken walls,

and crumbling masonry

emerging from the weeds.

But it got to be a problem in the end.

I mean, some days we’d have to

drive for hours to find a place

that satisfied both our needs.


1929 porn

3. Bad Girl.

She said she’d been a bad girl

and needed to be spanked.

Being a perfect Gentleman

I obliged.

After all,

it would have just been Cruel,

to be Kind.

reverend profile red


word to the wise



The Reverend Hellfire is.. a hurry today.


~ by reverendhellfire on August 17, 2014.

2 Responses to “THREE POEMS FOR DEVIANTS [R+]”

  1. ,”After all,

    it would have just been Cruel,

    to be Kind.”

    I love this ending, I imagine it said with a cheeky wink 😀

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