pumpkin head 2


They say we have a Vote.

But you will kindly note;

The choices are

for Donkey or

for Goat.


While our Leaders like to Gloat,

Our Land is so Remote.

That the Sea

to some degree

acts as our Moat.


And their Experts all agree,

that if there’s Refugees,

then all we have to do

is sink their boats!


Well, at least the Dollar floats!

(A case of Fiscal Bloat)

Though our Leader‘s eyes remind

me of a Stoat.


While behind the cigar smoke

Our Treasurer likes to Joke;

“The Poor? Let them eat Cake,

or maybe Oats!”


So give up Hope.


Obey the Pope!


If anybody asks you say

you,  “just slipped on the soap“.


You still can’t cope?


Just smoke more Dope!


(Once you’re called a “Trouble-Maker

then you’re on a slippery slope.)


Obey George Pell!


Or go to Hell!


Don’t talk about “the bodies

When they ask you,

“What’s that smell?”


And if your Pastor starts to Grope

or asks you to Elope

while you’re staring at a sign

that says;

Abandon Ye All Hope“!


While there’s no Joy left in Beer,

one thought can still bring Cheer;

“You can always go

and hang-yourself

with a piece of Rope.”


I learned by Rote,


these Poems I wrote!


So the Words that you have heard

will come bubbling up my Throat!


I wear my Heart,

upon my Coat.

All the better

to Emote,

the Implications,

that my Poems denote.


While my Verse

contains a Code,

(a secret Semiotic load)

that hides Subversive Ideas

They don’t

want me to promote.

samurai hallucinartion





The Reverend Hellfire is..

..late again!




~ by reverendhellfire on August 31, 2014.

2 Responses to “MOTOR MODE ODE”

  1. Where is today the 7th sept sermon ? I need guidance !

    • Fear Not my Child!
      Behold! Guidance has been delivered and late is better than never,
      or so they tell me.
      I blame my Personal Assistant for today’s delay.
      She was in no fit state for proof reading this morning.(This is what happens when you give the servants a night off a night off)
      Still I couldn’t do without the services of my PA(so she tells me) or at least, the services of someone else very much like her, and indeed she serves as the Inspiration for a couple of sermons coming up soon, including an in-depth essay examining the functions and History of the hallowed Office of Personal Assistant to the Reverend.
      Stay tuned.

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