Special Midweek Sermon- GOUGH WHITLAM, RIP

special midweek sermon

The Great Man is Dead

Edward Gough Whitlam


Prime Minister of Australia 1972-75

gough noble

Vale Frater

In Parliament the pygmies were crying.

Gulliver was dead.

For an hour they took turns,

trying to walk in his shoes,

but it was just kids playing dress up

or like Cinderella’s ugly sisters

and the oversized boots just kept slipping off.

Soon the pygmies will get bored

with the fruitless attempts

and will go back to hitting each other with sticks

and trying to steal the little kids’ bus money.

gough old smiling

Oh Gough,

I’ll miss the sly wit,

the classical education,

the tremendous arrogance,

the overwhelming sense of nobility

and noblesse oblige.

I’ll miss having a Labour leader

that actually believes in Socialism

(even if it is a mild Fabianism)

and calls fellow party members


with no hint of irony or self-consciousness.

I’ll miss your Dreams for a better country.

I’ll miss your flawed humanity.

gough laughs

I look at Parliament now

and I weep for what might have been.

A history game; what if the Gracchi had succeeded..

gough crowd

They bow their heads at your Passing,

crocodile tears and back-handed compliments abound.

They speak in Awe of your Legacy

but all I see are time-serving party-men,

opportunists, spivs, bureaucratic-insects, faction-hacks,

card-board cut-outs in expensive suits, clowns, liars,

trimmers, drunks, hypocrites, perverts, class-traitors,

born to rule bastards, embezzlers, cheaters,

and 3rd generation party-reptiles.

Alas it seems too true, we shall not see  his like again.

gough margaret balk bby

Yet once Giants walked the Earth,

and handed it back

to those to whom it belonged..

gough gives land back

Vale Frater.


gough on steps of parliment

Obligatory “where were you on November 11th 1975″reminisce;

The Reverend and school-friends, after hearing the news

of the Dismissal on a radio in the library,

took the rest of the day off school

and joined the angry mob outside

the Liberal Party Headquarters in town.

(No rocks or firebombs were thrown.

Somewhat to our disappointment.)




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