stradebroke beach1

And so it is the Summer Solstice once more,

and once again I return in annual pilgramage to Minjerribah,

the Blessed Isle, the Sacred Homeland of my Heart.


Within an hour Minjerribah hath wrought its Magic

and the anxious, stressed-out maniac that left the City

is transformed into an amiable, ambling Fool,

gazing dreamily at sea-shells and insects

and patterns in the bark of trees.

stradebroke path

I am so happy to be here that Tears of Happiness

roll down my face and blur my vision as I stroll down

the sandy track between my cabin and the Sea.

Like a Fool I say hello to Everything I see;

“Hello rocks!” I say, “Hello old tree!”,

“Hello birds!”

“Hello every leaf and grain of sand!” I tell my Island,

“It is so good to be back. I missed you all so much!”


A pink sunburnt girl in an orange bikini sways by,

her erubescent buttocks looking like

they’ve been spanked by the Sun.

“Hello sunburnt bottom”, I murmur sentimentally,

momentarily overcome by Nostalgia

for summers past.


I stroll around gently touching familiar Island Icons,

exulting in the luxurious texture

of everything I come into contact with:

the sand my toes dig into, the silk and satin sea-breeze

caressing my face, the fluid pulse

and tug of the sea swirling around my knees,

the smooth, wind-polished trunk

of the Banyan tree I rest my hand upon

for a moment.


Once again I am struck by awe

at the sheer sensuousness of everything

I see or feel here.

Everything here seems to have been made

from a more pleasurable base matter

than that found in the dirty, gritty city,

with its mean streets and sharp angles,

its swirling, jarring, jittery cacophonetic swill.

Here the colours seem richer, sharper.

Here everything is cleaner, purer,

vibrating and luxuriating

in the joy of its own Existence.

Strade quick edit 1

On Stradbroke sleeping giants lie hidden,

half buried in the sands,

like the ancient hulls

of forgotten shipwrecked galleons.

Here out of the Dreaming arises mottled,

lichen covered Adder Rock

like a black whale breaching the surface of the Sea

in a plume of salt-spray

and beaching itself on the sands.,

or a big snake come down from the hills

to cool itself in the water. (That Old Snake

been resting there so long he got

trees growing on his back.)

adder rock beach

I go clamber out onto the very tip of the Rock,

the Adder’s tail, out where it tumbles down

jutting into the Sea in an untidy shamble of shards.

There I find a comfortable nook out of the wind,

a smooth lair hollowed out by Time & Tide, and,

like any crab easing itself into a crevice,

I make myself at home.


Nestled amongst the boulders,

my Universe is reduced

to a basic Elemental simplicity.

The only things in my field of vision

are sun, sea, rocks and the endless blue sky.

Here the World is broken down again

into its basic constituent components;

Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

(with Spirit, the invisible fifth Element,

suffused thruout the whole.)

stradebroke beach1

The rocky walls of my womb-shaped hollow

have been absorbing the sun’s rays all day long

and now they give out a gentle warmth

that bathes my whole body in its radiant embrace,

soothing every aching joint, muscle and bone.

Combined with the endless roar and wow

of the waves the effect is Narcotic.

I drowse and nod, blissful and benign,

happy as a sleepy Death-Adder,

sunning itself on a rock.

Island path & rock


When visiting Minjerribah/Stradbroke Island please treat this Magic place with respect. Be polite to the natives. Do not litter. Do not damage trees when looking for firewood. Make sure your beach bonfire is extinguished.

Take only photos, leave only footprints.

The Reverend thanks you.

for further Minjerribah verse see


william tellJPIG


rev by the sea

The Reverend Hellfire is..

..on holiday


~ by reverendhellfire on January 11, 2015.


  1. I like your poetry

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