rev going out the door



There’s NO Place like Home they say,

but I was never NO-stalgic

for domestic moNOtony.

NO, I’d always been a Romantic NOmad,

perusing Passion’s paNOrama,

till one bright afterNOon

I saw you playing the piaNO.


Well there’s NO Fool like an Old Fool,

(just ask NOah)

and this old GNOme

soon felt so hyp-NO-tised by your charms,

reduced to mere moNO-syllables,

ready to contemplate mo-NO-gamy,

or even mo-NO-theism for that matter

if you would only ackNOwledge

his Love..


Well there’s NO Time

like the Present

and there’s certainly NO Pain without Gain,

so, hoping that you’d NOtice me,

I wrote you a NOte,

suggesting we get to kNOw each other,

in the Biblical Sense,

of course.


But it was NO Go!

You just said,

Oh NO!

I kNOw all about you!

In fact, you’re NO-torious!


NOnsense, I said, I am InNOcence itself!

And NOble? Why, I should get the NObel Peace Prize

I’m so NOble!

At the very least I’m inNOffensive,

inNOcuous even..

But you just ig-NOred my moNOlogue.


Well, NOblesse Oblige, and all that,

and I kNOw that NO means NO,

but I dunNO, there’s NO smoke without Fire

and you had a smile that was

positively por-NO-graphic.


Besides I had NO place left to go, so

I Wouldn’t take NO for an Answer

and said,

To KNOw Me is to Love Me!

You just won’t ackNOwledge

your proNOunced attractiON to me!

You said,

You have NO Idea, do you?

AnNOyed I said,

and you have NO conception

you ig-NO-ramus!

Then you muttered in a moNO-tone,

You have NO Hope if you’re just going to be obNOxious!


Like I said, there’s NO Place like Home

but we were Miles from NOwhere,

and so, NO-tice-ably NOn-plussed,

I ran around moaning and groaning,

NO! NO! NOt rejectiON again!


But then you took my hand and said;

NOw, NOw..

DON’t you kNOw the story of how

John Len-NOn

fell in love with Yoko O-NO?

NO, I pouted, so tell me ..


“When he went to her first Art ExhibitiON in LONdON,

she got him to climb up

a very tall, rickety ladder

and at the top of the ladder

there was only a very old microscope,

and when he peered into the microscope

all he could see was a single-word message

written in a tiny, tiny hand.”


So I had to ask:

what did the message say?

And of course you just smiled and said,




time will tell 3 JPIG


tai chi hand

The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Perfomance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

AND the Church of the Universe.

It says so on his business card so you know it must be true.



~ by reverendhellfire on February 1, 2015.

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