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I wish I were making this up but its true.

I saw a high-ranking education bureaucrat

deliver this speech on TV.

I took notes till the jargon jumbled my wits

so possibly there’s bits I missed,

but I got enough to get the Gist

it went;

“The new Educational paradigm

delivered by our policy formulations

will be underpinned by short-term budget imperatives

and research excellence based

on International Best Practise and efficient systems which

whilst seeking to deliver a Policy of Excellence in a volatile

and competitive International Education Industry

will produce a sustainable University system delivering results commensurate with

National political expectations.”

“Good Gods!”, I thought in shock and awe,

“These are the people

responsible for teaching our children

the English language.

No wonder Autism rates

are through the roof”.

(This is not much of a poem, but it’s the truth)


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David Hallett handbill 2015 JPGAddress


Answers to last weeks competition;

George Bush Jnr didn’t

park explosives in the Twin Towers basement, but the CIA did smuggle heroin

in South East Asia when George Snr was running things. Apparently the Islamic Hordes can 

claim for three wives at Centrelink but that Face on Mars is just a rock. Jackie Gleason didn’t shoot Kennedy, but he DID play golf with Richard Nixon and according to Jackie on his deathbed, the Tricky One took him late one night to a secret military facility where he was shown alien bodies floating in jars of green goo. Telephone companies and the Internet ARE, however, tracking your every move, and, according to witness testimony at the seemingly never-ending Investigation into child abuse in our schools, orphanages, churches, scout dens and ooh anywhere else you care to name really, has shown that our schools and churches are certainly over-run with people who, even if they’re not Satanists, certainly should be awarded honourary lifetime Satanic membership for their achievements. Socialists aren’t really injecting your children with Autism and the Aliens on the Moon are us. Everything else in the poem  is true. Go ask Google.



The Reverend Hellfire is..

..talking to himself again.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 19, 2015.

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