Never trust a mutated Ape I say.

Which is, after all, the basic human status,

though many are apt to forget that fact.

Anyone around you starts giving themselves airs

like they’re the Lords of Creation or like

their shit smells better than any other animal, you just tell them;

“Never trust anything thats more Virus than Ape”,

which, according to the latest available

up-to-the moment research,

could be said to be precisely where Humanity hangs

from the Evolutionary Tree.


Yes we live in exciting times, scientifically speaking,

and many new discoveries bring light each day

on what and who we are and our place in the Universe.

For example, look at the person next to you; 10% of their body weight is made up of bacteria, skin mites, hookworm, amoeba and assorted fellow passengers. Kind of makes you look at them different, don’t you think?

We’re used to thinking about ourselves as a discrete organism, but really we’re more akin to a coral reef. To be fair, they’re not really just passengers. Like the Barrier Reef, the human ecosystem is a complex and delicate web of interdependence we’re only just beginning to understand. The Bacteria in your Gut ain’t Happy, then Serotonin levels start plummeting and You ain’t Happy either.

Parasitic Infestation adds considerably to total body weight.

Parasitic Infestation adds considerably to total body weight.

Indeed, recently, cutting-edge doctors have taken to deliberately infesting their patients with hookworm in a bold attempt to cure such unpleasant conditions as Crohns Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But the happy flora and fauna of the Human eco-system are ultimately still but fellow travellers, like the moss that grows on a turtle’s back. It’s when you get to the Viral Level that things get really interesting and incestuous.

Far smaller than your average bacteria (which it also infests) the Virus is barely alive, a few strands of DNA in a shell

looking for a home. Yet they interact with all other living organisms and affect the course of evolution in ways which

until recently have never been suspected.

For as they hop and skip between hosts, mutating wildly the whole time, Virii like to “cut and paste” bits of DNA in the process, incorporating and swapping pieces of genetic code as they leap between host species.

So Evolution, as it were, is not merely vertical but horizontal, and how all this genetic cutting and pasting and snipping and swapping has affected Life’s development we are only just beginning to speculate.

Already we know of a number of cases of parasitic organisms that change their Host’s behaviour in ways that facilitate their own reproduction cycle. Eggs hatching in the brain, fungi growing out of the eyesockets of doomed grasshoppers, sufferers seeking waterholes where the spores spread..these things are known.


Language is a Virus“, William Burroughs famously declared and the crazy old junkie may yet be proved right. Myself I have at times suspected that Love itself may have a viral origin, a side-effect of something like Syphilis.

Why not? Latest Genetic Research has discovered that vast swathes of the Human Genome,

previously dismissed as “inert” DNA, shucked off stuff that didn’t really do anything, are actually a vital part of our species’ Development. Rather than being inert, this genetic material exists in a sort of Hibernation, waiting to be activated should circumstance call for it.

In fact we are heirs to a vast Genetic library accumulated over the Millenia.

Following closely behind this realisation was the discovery that something like 10% of our genetic make-up is of viral origin.

Yes, the virus your ancestors suffered from back in the Stone Age is part of your genetic makeup.

Now, seeing as how only something like 4-5% of our genetic content is shared in common with the Neanderthal, our nearest, though sadly extinct, mammalian relative, looked at from a certain perspective, that makes Humans more closely related to certain types of virus than the earlier proto-humans. Possibly the same virus that wiped out the Neanderthal caused “Humans” to mutate.


Actually this Viral Heritage may well explain some of Humanity’s more unpleasant characteristics, which have been concerning me of late.


Homo Sapiens Indeed!

More like Homo Infestatus– the Virus Mutated Ape.

monkey and i pad in bath

For more info on virus human interaction go to




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The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism AND the Church of the Universe”

“All houses are built on shifting sands.”



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