Book Review; COMB THE SKY

The Reverend Hellfire presents this review of fellow-poet,

Cathoel Jorss‘s latest Volume of Verse

for your enjoyment and consideration.

Cathoel Jorss; the Moon and her Priestess


Comb the Sky With Satellites

It’s Still a Wilderness


Many years ago, Cathoel made a little statuette

I was fond of.

On a little bit of plank serving as a plinth was mounted

a toy-sized, model wagon,

the sort of thing kids used to pull along by a piece of rope.

Only in this case the rope was frayed and broken,

the draggled pieces lying next to the wagon,

and one of the wheels had come off too. 

The title of this forlorn little masterpiece of whimsy,

was inscribed on a plaque attached to the plinth and read;

“If Poets Ruled the World”


Remembrance of that little statuette came to me the other day, 

as I was perusing the latest volume of verse

 from Australia’s larger than Life, unsung

High-Priestess of Poetry,

the fabulous Ms  Jorss.

cathoel winter muffin

Whimsy is never far from the surface in Cathoel’s work,

a gentle bemusement at the-way-things-are,

but there is a harder edge to her recent work than

was apparent in her earlier work “Going for the Eggs”.

This is as it should be. The world has moved on since then,

much blood has flowed under the bridge since those more

innocent times and we are all, perhaps, a little harder edged

than we used to be, wiser than we want to be.


Funny to think of the late nineties as more innocent times,

but in a way it was true;

The Cold War was over, the Last Crusade against Islam hadn’t begun.

Perhaps the Next Century would be different from the Others,

we almost dared to hope, not some silly, hippie Age of Aquarius thing,

but some better paradigm arising from the lessons learnt

from the 20th Century’s madness.

It wasn’t to be,of course, and we have to deal

with that Reality every day.


One of the ways of dealing with that is Poetry.

Cathoel New yorkPizza

You can see this in Cathoel’s work. Poetry is the tool with which

she both records the world, capturing evidence and clues

in her travels and the tool with which she seeks

to understand it.

Through the algorithm of Verse she analyses the data,

and like a shaman of the Word she then seeks to re-order

the unbalanced system confronting her.

Her poetry becomes a kind of healing magic,

the process of understanding,

is as important as the conclusion reached.

Through her poetry the poet becomes a still centre of calm

while the Universe whirls around her.

Cathoel Jorss; the Moon and her Priestess

“inside a lit candle I am twelve

and everything is this.”


Don’t let the whimsy fool you into thinking

she’s a wuss or a wimp.

There’s a bitter barb to this gal’s tongue, her satiric venom

gets directed to some well deserving targets.


rivers of joan

I don’t choose to grow old, as it happens

though I’ll die

chin and cheekbones still intact

no garbage compactor can dent

the grinning roundness of my upright breasts

bouncing back from every attack

like clowns with concrete in the foot

even in death, I will not perish

like many foods

years later by excavator

I’ll be dug up, immortal in parts

and still fresh, like the curate’s egg


Eat hearty! There’s much meat on the bone here.

Dig deep! There are many little verbal jewels

lurking in the rich earth of her verse. Even the simplest poems

in this collection deserve re-reading and consideration.


You will find honesty, wisdom, humour and

the ability to capture in words

the essence of every situation.

This is after all, what Poetry should be.


so, there is a heaven:

the sky remembers everything we’ve said

every single call

every bulb of gas

the sky has eyes, the eyes of governments

twitching at the ends of stalks

missing the point yet seeing all

cathoel jorss comb the sky

Now buy the book.


memories Wtitle


July KP Handbill VSN4 FIREJPIG


reverend profile red

The Reverend Hellfire..

speaks for himself.



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