abandoned library


Why do I bother

to continue to read, volume after volume,

absorbing new facts?

It’s an Addiction, I admit it,

this Hunger for Information,

but I don’t really understand it.

Why keep learning, increasing my knowledge,

researching obscure and arcane facts on the Internet?

Subscribing to magazines,

looking for out of print books

on dusty shelves at Lifeline?

Why do I keep trying,

what possible good can it do me

in my time and place in Life?

It’s not like it’s going to make me any money

or open up a new and exciting career.

It’s not like I’m studying to get a degree or

some sort of qualification

that’ll get me a job, like

normal people do.

Most people give up reading after they leave school,

(bar the odd popular novel

and I read those too- they can be educational

in their own way)

It’s not like I have a job

that requires any particular knowledge,

I could keep bumbling along

my whole Life and never learn another fact,

bar the occasional new pin number,

and nothing would change.

I could get by like everybody else.

Most people seem happy like that,

why aren’t I?


I suppose I could always

write a book

with what I learn,

but there are so many books

and no-body reads them but me.


Hmm. Perhaps that’s why.


Someone should be taking notes.

elephant girl


Gourmet pt 5Red


young eternal colour handbill


reverend profile red

The Reverend Hellfire..




~ by reverendhellfire on September 20, 2015.

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