The Rev at Lucky Duck..Scary!

Never Remember their Name


I think it is important,

to never remember their names;

these sawn-off shooters/

jack-off killers of crowds,

taking the cheap shot at Immortality/

Mail-order Fame with ammunition supplied

and as added incentive

some aim for Paradise as well!

(never overlook

the religious angle

when motivating Losers)

Yes, it’s these frustrated Failures Final Fuck-up,

as they try and take a few citizens with them

on the way out. Make the Headlines maybe,

and achieve a lingering, local notoriety

as the Face of Fear.


Forget these Fools I say

Fear has no Face,

it is a contagion of the blood

like Racism or Syphillis.

Remember the Dead for sure.

Mourn the Loved Ones lost

as is their right,

but consign their Murderers

to an utter Anonymity,

Damnatio in Perpetuity.

Condemn their base Identity

to irrevocable Irrelevancy

and never


their name.


Who killed John Lennon?

I forget.

Sandy Hook?

No Idea.

The last mass-shooting, bar one, this week?

Does it matter?

It was just another nameless, faceless Fuck-up

from the swarm,

who cares what it was called?


Do I name the fleas on my dog?

bar code eye


new poem


reverend profile red

The Reverend Hellfire…

..You know the rest.



~ by reverendhellfire on December 20, 2015.

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