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Remember when everyone was getting into Anger?


Yes, it was the latest, most fashionable

drug on the Market,

extracted from the pineal glands

of a rare, Amazonian Lizard

it gave a lordly rush like Speed,

but with an afterglow of self-righteousness

and nervous agitation

that made for a nice little excitable cocktail

of lethal emotions.


Ah, Anger! That ancient devil drug

from the depths of the reptile brain,

putting the entire frontal lobe in lockdown,

as efficiently as

a wasp paralysing a spider with its sting.


Habit Forming?

Well, what do you think?


loony tunes mouse


Sorry about that. A slight relapse,

I’ll call my sponsor later.

But that’s how addictive it was,

the occasional indulgence on the Weekends

lashing out at family and friends

would turn into week long binges.

As the User got a taste for it,

the Cravings grew for that animal warmth

flooding the blood,

throbbing thru arteries and veins.

Snorting like an old war-horse,

the Heart awakens and answers the Chemical Call,

yes and before you knew it,

it’s, “High Ho Silver! And Awayyy!”

and the User was Up riding their High-Horse

while trampling Down all before them.


As the drug raged like an Epidemic

thru the Nation

no-one seemed immune

to the whole situation,

even the Prime Minister was said

to indulge heavily in Anger

after Cabinet Meetings,

one former Staffer claiming,

“I’ve never seen someone

have that much before!”


Naturally Families were torn apart

whilst Sociologists struggled to discover

if there was a direct correlation

between Anger and Violence.


Alas, like all good things in Life

a tolerance to the drug’s charms

soon built up.

Hunger for more Anger,

took heavy users to desperate measures

to try and bolster the drugs waning effects;

Listening to the Bolt Report.

Picking fights on Facebook.

Driving slowly thru peak hour traffic..


Naturally they also turned to drugs

to try to reinforce or replicate

the chemically induced state

of their favourite inebriate;

Sculled surly beer by the bitter barrel-full,

blasted barbiturates by the brutal bucket,

shot steroids into their arms

like they were a football team,

stuffed amphetamine suppositories by the ream,

Skated on thin Ice and on Coke,

used every other drug in the Pharmacopoeia

to try and cope,

but in the end

they just became

permanently disgruntled.

Because all they wanted,

all they really wanted,

was more Anger.

dead tired clownm


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The largest of Australia’s fresh-water amphibians, the Reverend Hellfire is usually found hiding amongst the reeds in ponds and slow flowing streams. His distinctive call can often be heard on hot Summer nights.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 3, 2016.

2 Responses to “ANGER!”

  1. Oh Saint Anger I remember you well. The way that you hardened my shell..left me in a pool of revulse every time you quickened my pulse

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