Australia; Then and Now


The Country I was born in has disappeared.


I have mixed feelings about this.


Even though I often despised that Country

and generally felt like a stranger living there,

nontheless, I sometimes find myself afflicted

with an unaccountable nostalgia.


The familiar buildings that served as landmarks

have largely been torn down

and replaced with ugly, anonymous towers,

Yes, the very landscape itself has changed.

and the inhabitants who lived there once

have mostly died away, only a dwindling band

of old timers remembers a Superannuated Past

the Young have no Interest in Saving.

Even it’s Currency has disappeared, now

different denominations bearing different kings

change hands, old Customs are forgotten

the complexions of the Faces in the Street

are different too.

Gough handing soil back to Vincent lingiari

The common language meanwhile

has altered almost beyond recognition,

as though debased like a counterfeit coin

made from cheap alloy,

where U Xprss yrslf in 240 character soundbytes.

It jostles for turf on the street

with strange, immigrant tounges,

and from their intercourse inevitably

new bastard languages will arise.


I live in a different Country now.

Only the flag and name remain the same.

Like a shop with Under New Management


Open 4 Bu$ine$$

signs in the windows,

whilst up above the awning,

an old shop-hoarding sign bears a different name

that they haven’t got around

to painting over yet.

boxing kangaroos

Australia 2016,

We are not the sum of our parts,

We are fractured and fragmented,

We are not one Nation State

indivisible under God. We

are merely a series

of overlapping Administrative Zones

policed by bankers

where everything breaks down

to Ones and Zeros.


And in a World where everyone

is reduced to Statistics,

You will count for Nothing.

blek hawk




Greetings from the Reverend Hellfire

The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

AND the Church of the Universe.

You can’t judge a Cook by its’ blubber



~ by reverendhellfire on May 1, 2016.

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