beer bottle



“Two Dollar May” would fuck anybody

for two dollars,

that being the price of a bottle of beer

at the time.


Two Dollar May was ugly and fat

and definitely somewhat on the demented side

but her customers weren’t picky,

and they weren’t pretty either;

They were the usual sort of inner-city scumbags

and bar-rats that you found back then

inhabiting seedy public-bars

of semi-derelict dives;

Fat, failed gamblers afraid to go home

to their frigid, nagging wives;

ancient alcoholics and boarding house loners;

aging thugs who once dreamt of being criminals;

the polio-crippled dwarf that sold newspapers on the corner,

these were Two Dollar May’s clientèle

in the main, this was her World,

the only intrusion perhaps

the occasional paralytic College student

on a despicable “Dare”, jeered on by a leering 

mob of drunken “mates”,

nice middle-class boys from private schools

down slumming it with the proles..

caxyton st hotel 1888

Two Dollar May lived around the corner

from the pub

in a dank, dilapidated boarding house

where she took her customers

to a bottle-filled room,

where every empty bottle

was an ashtray.


Two Dollar May fed stray cats.


Once upon a time, they say

she used to be called “One Dollar May

but then they put up the price of beer

so she became Two Dollar May instead

so she could cover the cost of a can

of cat food as well.

caxpon new name

But this is decades past.


The Suburb has been gentrified

and the tarted-up pub now over-flows

with drunken yuppies on the weekends.

The old boarding-house burned down

long ago, clearing the way

for “inner-city renewal”

and a tower block

of “luxury studio apartments”.


Two Dollar May is dead now.


All of her customers are dead too.


I don’t know what they do

with pauper’s ashes,

but I’d like to hope they put May’s

around the Roses

growing in the Botanical Gardens,

or a quiet park somewhere,

scattered gently around soft, rich beds

of sun warmed soil,

surrounded by colour and scent.


Yes, it’s a pretty thought,

but knowing the way things are

I guess

they probably just ended up as landfill

or flushed down a drain

like the rest,

Two Dollar May.

beer bottle bvrokewn


soulowner part 1

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soul owner Pt 2



The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet

President of the Kurilpa Institute oif Creativity Inc.,

and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

AND the Church of the Universe.

AKA., The “Shock-Jock” of the Brisbane Poetry Scene.



~ by reverendhellfire on May 22, 2016.

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