Confessions of a Thought Criminal


Dreamt I was a Thought Criminal

living my Life always

on the margins of Society,

flying under the radar,

hiding in the shadows,

slipping gratefully through the cracks.


Learnt the rules of Survival;

Never stick your neck out,

Never make eye contact

as you walk past the Police,

pray your thin veneer of Normality

lets you pass by unobserved.

Practise your Invisibility,

learn to merge into the background/

Once you could travel in crowds

and put your trust in “Minnow Theory”

(move with a pack and most of the time,

statistically speaking,

it’ll be somebody else the sharks eat) but now

there’s Social Engineers studying flow charts

and statistics, analysing sewage water to see

what chemicals people are excreting,

tinkering with the Algorithms of Control.

Sometimes it’s better just to piss in the bushes

and make your decisions by rolling the dice.


Plan anti-intuitively; travel off-peak,

be somewhere they don’t expect you to be

or better yet, don’t be where they

expect you to be/ take alternative routes/

always pay in cash/ change your phone number

frequently and never mention names online..

As we moved deeper into the 21st Century,

there was still a little wriggle room,

but I found myself wondering

for how long?


In the end I just called myself a Poet

and of course “They” stopped listening

straight away. The fools!

It was the perfect crime!

Allegory and Ambiguity

became my Ammunition

whilst every single poem I wrote

contained a secret code,

with sedition in every Sonnet,

 word bombs in every Ode.






The Reverend Hellfire is..

Look! Over there! Something shiny!



~ by reverendhellfire on October 2, 2016.

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