Tattoo’s of Crime and Punishment


Tattoo’s make quite cutting comments,

don’t you think?

Some sort of confessional/conversational

Carved in flesh with blood and ink.

Like the boy I once knew

With the Jailhouse tattoo,

All those cell-locked hours of patient pain to paint

Scenes from the Life of Ned Kelly across his back.

Central scene, Old Ned himself

in Greatcoat & iron, iconic helmet

Bailed up for his Last Stand,

with a gun in each hand

Looking like an old man kangaroo

facing off his final pack of dogs.

And above Ned’s head

the legend read;

Such is Life.”

Yeah. Such is life..

The Tombstone Words, the epitaph

for every freedom loving wild boy

Gunned down while trying to escape in a fast car.


Or what about that charming junkie girl I knew

With that subtle tattoo?

On the soft white flesh of her inner arm

She bears a Hieroglyph for Strength

Surrounded by a circle of black fire,

hiding the scarred flesh, the ruined veins.

She says; “the ink hides the needle marks, dig?”

She’s studying to be a solicitor,

She’s quite a girl.

Watch her take on the World.


Or what about the Black Girl

Who could run faster than anyone else,

Which is a pretty good thing to learn

if your black and female

in this damned country.

(All those white mongrel gin-jockeys/

dickheads in

in pick-ups-

you know what I mean.)

And on her arm like a scared charm

are written the words,

Cos I’m Free.”

Yeah, baby, that’s what she said,

Cos I’m Free!”

So say it loud girl, say it proud,

carve it on your skin in scars,

Shout it to the Crowd!

And damn it was good,

After two hundred years

of violence, oppression & greed

to see a proud, young black girl

running that fast & free.








The Reverend Hellfire..

he is what he is.



~ by reverendhellfire on October 23, 2016.

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