Dear Developers,


Boomers and Boosters,

Political Buddies and Media Shills,

all you Princes of Progress

and Pimps of Prosperity,

Pinacles of Probity

with hands in the Till.


We’ve considered your kind offer

of a Free market Future,

“Profitable, Prosperous and Secure”,

(These at least are the words that you use

in all of your shiny brochures)

and we appreciate that all

we need give up in exchange

is our History, Environment and Culture.


Alas we decline, your offer, with thanks,

at the risk of you saying

that we’re Green Hippy Cranks

opposed to all Progress and Change.

But this so-called “Progress

and “Change” is still,

just  merely

the same tired, old  Swill!

Oh yeah!

And your hands are still in the Till..

WElcome to West End

A typical poster from the West End Business Association promoting the Kurilpa area’s new Image as a safe, (Upper-Middle-Class) family friendly environment. Gad, “Urban Renewal” is so inspiring the way it takes run-down, neglected, working class areas and spruces them up, putting in long overdue infrastructure and services and driving out the unsightly poor people who lived there. (Aboriginals, the unemployed, pensioners et al can have a really negative effect on land values.)





The Reverend Hellfire..

He’s back and he’s smoking!



~ by reverendhellfire on February 5, 2017.

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