I had a lot of tasks

lined up for the day,

a full schedule in fact

with a plan of attack

and lists.. everything like that.

But then the rain came down,

pouring great buckets and urns

upon the sodden earth,

dissolving my resolve

like a sugar cube dropped

in the salty, salty Sea.


Ah, stuff it! I said, as I stood on the doorstep

rain splashing off the toes of my boots,

the World can get on without me

for awhile, I’m sure.

I’m calling Intermission

from my busy, busy Life.

Normal Services will be resumed shortly.

In the meantime,

I’m going to stay home

and unplug the phone.

Listen to the rain.

Drink a coffee.

Write this poem.



The Reverend Hellfire ..

he writes this stuff.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 2, 2017.

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