Age of the Four Monkeys



Call this the Braile Time.

Feebly feeling our way forward

with blind fingers fumbling

over unfamiliar landscapes,

fearfully sensing thru

the all-obscuring Fog of War,

grim, forboding search-lights

looming,on the road ahead.

Don’t talk about it though.

Just get some sunglasses

and a white cane

and always remember the Golden Rule:

“No-one saw Nothing“.

You don’t want to end up as a Witness.

Call this the Dumb Time.

Dunces cap wedged firmly on

in the classroom corner,

Tongue numb and lolling

la-la-la nonsense syllables

meaning Nothing.

Is that Jargon or Gobbledegook

the Treasurer is blathering today?

Who can tell? He’s

just another Autistic Acrostic

in an Acronymical Age,

where Language reduced to a Syllable

is all the Rage.

Call this the Deaf Time,

when Society took the battery

out of it’s collective Hearing Aid

so it wouldn’t have to listen to

those tiresome huddled Masses

yearning to be Free all the time.

(Just to make sure, Management

turned up the Muzak.) Yes,

this is the Age that couldn’t wake up

and hear the Coffee burning

in the Morning

above the rising swell

of Television Tinnitus,

even when provided with “subtitles

for the auditorially impaired”.

(Ominous Chords)

We’ll be back with our fourth stanza,

after an important message

from our Sponsor..

(Theme song fades to Commercial)



The Reverend Hellfire..

recommended by nine out of ten household appliances.

Accept no substitutes!


~ by reverendhellfire on April 9, 2017.

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