This one’s for the Bad Seeds.


This one’s for the Motherless Sons

and Daughters.

Yeah, this Poem’s for the Disinherited,

the Despised and Rejected,

all the Outcasts from a Hearth

that gave no warmth.

This poem’s for the kids

whose mother never wanted them,

dumped in an Institution

or kept but never loved.

This poem’s for the kids

whose mother blamed them for

the Failures in their own Life,

always projecting their Disappointment

and Frustrated Ambitions in a thousand insidious ways.


This poem’s for the kids who spent their childhood

in Boarding School, frightened, alone and brutalised.

This poem’s for everyone on Mother’s Day

who suffers thru the cloying, pastel coloured

marketing ritual, while wondering what’s wrong with them

when really it’s just that their mother

was a cold-hearted, unfeeling Bitch

who left them damaged.

This poem’s for Grendel, alone and misunderstood.

This poem’s for Woody Allen

and every other Jewish/Irish/Italian/

Matriarchal-Peasant Mother’s Son,

whose self-Esteem suffers Death by a Thousand Cuts

in the Movies for our amusement.

Laugh till you Weep,

or Vice Versa.

 I’ll laugh with you, Brother,



This poem’s for the Stoned,

that the Builders rejected.

Go now. Show them,

that you are to be Respected.

Build a Mighty Temple out of Spite.

Polar Bear eats own young in Zoo. Click photo to link to article. Happy Mothers’ Day.




Hey there Friends and Followers. Yer ole pal the Rev has been nominated for an award in recognition of his many years of selfless labours in the service of the Muse! Gosh!

In fact it’s the 2017 Paul Sherman Community Poetry Award, no less, “in recognition of individuals who have significantly contributed to Queensland’s current poetry culture.”

The Rev’s nomination it appears, is due mainly to his work with Community Arts group KICI (Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc) & the Kurilpa Poets, whose activities can be followed at..

The Prize is decided by Public Acclaim, apparently, so if you want to show your support for the Rev’s work, go to the link below to register your vote. The Reverend thanks you.


The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

AND the Church of the Universe.

You really get your moneys’ worth.


~ by reverendhellfire on May 14, 2017.

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