Far from the Mushroom Fields, Lost Before Dawn

Escaping through a waste-water pipe from the Reverend Hellfire’s heavily fortified Historical Archives Division, today’s Sermon was first published in 1977*

Far From the Mushroom Fields, Lost Before Dawn


Wandering, I find myself

alone and lost in an empty City,

where there is nothing in the streets

but the cold wind rushing nowhere

(there is nowhere to rush to

in a World without horizons)

The people have all gone now.

Fled as though from some

disaster-struck Mayan City

being eaten by a predatory Jungle.

(We have a Jungle of our own

called Concrete..or is it Asphalt..

where Marilyn Monroe is worshipped

as a White Goddess by savage tribes)

Empty tin cans kicked in boredom

send echoes of rattling empty tin cans,

send echoes of/

echoes of empty tin cans

ricocheting endlessly

from empty walls.

The buildings are empty too.

All the lights have gone

from their windows

and left them standing

with the vacant, burned out eyes

of Halloween pumpkin lanterns.

Across the bare, steel girder-bones

of one unfinished, labyrinthine tower

Hessian sheets are draped

and flap in the wind like

so many shrouds or

crucified midnight Prophets

shrieking with the wind

and staring eyeless at the empty streets

and the empty people filling them.


*This poem was first published in 1977 in a little Melbourne poetry magazine (manual typewriter & photocopy job) put out by the Brunswick Poetry Workshop, an outfit run by an enthusiastic chap called Fonda Zenophon. No idea what became of him, but the BPW had disappeared by the time I moved to Brunswick myself a few years later. As for the poem I still quite like some of the lines and images in it. Some promising work from a young poet, ey what?



The Reverend Hellfire is a Shell Company trading, for entrepreneurial purposes, as a Special Purpose Entity, with it’s Head Office conveniently located in the balmy Cayman Islands. Created for the purpose of protecting the Intellectual Property and other Intangible Assets of the above named entity, the Reverend is currently under investigation by tax officials in 17 jurisdictions.



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